Thinking Of You 15+

Meet Kathrine Elizabeth Brown. A 18 year old Pop star, When she goes through a horrible break up with her ex-boy friend will she have the courage to continue on even though she's getting hate from the public? All of a sudden she decides to go to London and meet her brother. Follow Katy along her trip of fame, hate and love. A 1D fanfic Contains some sexual references!


8. Nandos

"So where are we off to then?" I asked Niall while we walked out of the studio and into the car. "Hmm, Well depends on you like if you are on a 'diet' and all like most pop stars these days, then we can go to a salad bar or something" Niall said shrugging his shoulder, I couldn't help but laugh. He thought I was the 'Anorexic' type. "What?" Harry asked looking confused "Oh guys! There's allot to me that you don't know. I LOVE food that's one of my weaknesses!" I stopped laughing and dried the tears out of my eyes. "That's great!" Niall said with a grin. They both looked at each other like they where reading each others minds "Nando's it is!" Harry said.

The car ride was really short, I let Niall and Harry do most of the talking while I just stared out of the window. The car suddenly stopped and the driver got out and opened the door "We are here sir and ma'am" I got out, gave him a friendly smile and whispered thank you. "So this is Nandos?" I questioned looking at the restaurant that stood in front of me I could smell the food from outside and began to drool. It was kinda full I was hoping they didn't make us sit in the middle of the restaurant so people could stare at us. "Hello welcome to-" The lady said and stopped when she saw Niall "Hello Mr.Horan!" she greeted us with a grin "Table for 3 please and could you please seat us over there" Niall pointed upstairs where no one sat "Sure thing, Don't worry I'll make sure no one bothers you" she said giving Niall a wink. We took our seats while the waiter handed out our menus I couldn't help but see him staring at me and giving me a few smiles like he was flirting with me. He handed out my menu and gave me a big grin "Here you go Mrs.Brown" and then left. I could see Niall and Harry looking at each other "Soo ... Ellie" Harry said looking at his menu "Look we are really sorry that Zayn said those things. It's just that theres been a feud between your brothers band and us. I'm not really in it or following it I would like to apologies for what he said ... Your not fat take that from me ok?" Niall said, He made me smile. I never knew they were so kind- well HE was so kind I wasn't sure about the others. "I know it's alright. I just don't like it at all I think everyone should just man up and be best friends!" I threw my hands up in the air at the words best friend. "Like that will ever happen" Harry mumbled. I ignored his comment "So whats good here?" I asked staring at my menu.

After what seemed forever on discussing what and what not to eat I finally decided to order the chicken wrap "Extra spicy please" I asked the waiter, The both looked at me "You know extra spicy is SPICY!" Harry said "I know, I love my food spicy I always carry around hot sauce with me where ever I go" I remembered how me and Peter used to love hot sauce we couldn't live without it. Memories began to flood my head snap out of it Ellie! I told myself Its over between you guys. I couldn't help it, I was madly in love with him before we broke up it just happened so quickly "Ellie? Earth to Ellie?" I heard Harry say while waving his hand over my face "Hmm?" I said coming back out of my memories "Whats up?" I said looking at them "We were just talking about X factor and all. Since we are going to go This Saturday... we were wondering if you'd like to come with?" Harry said I looked at Niall stuffing his face in the peri-peri chicken "Ye-sh" He said through mouthfuls. I gave him a quick smile and passed him the napkins "Sure" I saw the waiter behind them checking me out. I'm kinda used to it ya know, Back in L.A Every boy would whistle when I walk by I just don't get it I know i'm kinda 'hot' but not allot. I gave him a smile with my eyes and began to figure out what the two annoying- but kinda cute guys in front of me were saying "...It's not fair you know" I heard Niall say "Whats not fair?" Before he could answer my phone beeped, It was a text message from Max "Coming home anytime soon? x Max" I rolled my eyes. "I gotta go boys" I took out my purse and put money on the table "Catch ya later" As I walked out Niall stopped me "Ellie? Umm... Could I have your number?" I raised my eyebrows at his attempt to get it "Oh, no not like that I mean because..." He started to blush "I know I'm just playing ya to text me the deets (details) about X factor?" I was trying not to laugh at his pink face "Yeah.." After exchanging each others numbers I went out and got into the cab.


I was surprised how quickly I got to Max's house. I heard that the traffic in London is pretty bad. I got out and payed the taxi driver "Good day" He said before dashing off around the corner out of sight, "Ellie!" Max came rushing in from the Kitchen "Everything O.K?" I asked taking off my Jacket. "Uh-huh, You haven't gotten a text from anyone else uh lets say someone you don't like?" I stared at him knowing he was hiding something "No..." "Uh.. Nothing" He said quickly before going into the living room "Why Max?" I was starting to get worried "Umm.. It's just that maybe Your ex is here .... Peter and um MAYBE he's going to play at the same gig as you and I tomorrow" I stood there not knowing what to say I have enough things on my plate "See the thing is umm he made sure that he was playing at the same concert as you for some reason" I fell to the sofa this can mean only one thing "He want's to get back together doesn't he?" I said out loud "Look Ellie, I'm you big brother you know I wont ever let that happened hes a bastard and he dosn't deserve you OK? We are going to that Gig and trust me i'll make sure he doesn't come near you" I gave him a hug I missed giving my big brother hugs. It's been ages, he smelt of aftershave and Chocolate. "Thanks Max" I said sniffing in his smells.


Authors Notes:

Hey guys! Sorry I updated so late it's just that i've been soooo busy! Hope you like this chapter What do you think of it? x

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