Fun,music,unknown secrets (1D Fanfic)

Daliah, Maria, Juju three "17” year old triplets that lives in Dubai with Sara their “16” years old sis. There uncle visits them but he wasn’t alone, he asks them for a favor which they accepts. They get a lot of threat massages but they never took it seriously what do you think will happen? GO AND READ <3


5. THE beach house


Harry P.O.V

I really want to find this mysterious girl I don’t care what it takes I don’t even know her but am already falling for her. WAIT DID I JUST SAY FALLING FOR HER?!!!! , well I guess I did. My thoughts were interrupted by Liam’s phone “hello?” he said through the phone “oh hello uncle Simon” he said “oh.. Really?!!! ”he asked excited. WHATS GOING ON WHAT DID HE SAY?!! . “Ok thank you Uncle Simon” he said with a happy voice “What did Uncle Simon say?” Louis asked him with his confused face “oh nothing” Liam said “just some things about the tour” “oh…” is what we managed to say “WE ARE SPINDDING OUR VACATION IN DUBAI!!!!” he screamed happily, we all jumped and started cheering “wait…” we all stopped and stared at Louis “What’s wrong boo bear?” I asked “Where are we staying?” He asked confused “Uncle Simon said that were staying with some of his relatives “oh ok then LET’S GO BACK TO CHEERING” He said happy again. Am happy that am staying here in Dubai for a while that would give me some time to look for her.




Juju P.O.V

Uncle Simon said that the boys well be coming in an 2 hours so me and my 2 triplets started getting ready. It’s not like we care or anything it’s just that we don’t want to meet them with our pj’s still on, it wouldn’t be appropriate. I went to my room and chose a black shorts and a purple hoodie with a picture of ice cream on it, I straitened my hair and put some mascara and eye liner and some blusher. I was done when Daliah and Maria bursted into my room “You could have knocked you know” I said a little annoyed “Sorry we kind of forgot” Daliah said “yep the same” Maria said, I just rolled my eyes at them “Nice choice girls” I said smiling at them cheeckeshly “thnx” They said in unison. Daliah was wearing a regular black and white dress that came just above her mid thigh; she curled her hair and putted the same make-up as me. Maria was wearing a red skinny jeans and a white top she putted her hair in a pony tail and the same make-up as me and Daliah accept she didn’t put blusher; she kind of has an allergy.

sorry about the short chapter i'll upload the next one as soon as possible love ya 

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