Fun,music,unknown secrets (1D Fanfic)

Daliah, Maria, Juju three "17” year old triplets that lives in Dubai with Sara their “16” years old sis. There uncle visits them but he wasn’t alone, he asks them for a favor which they accepts. They get a lot of threat massages but they never took it seriously what do you think will happen? GO AND READ <3


4. meeting the boys.


Mariah P.O.V-

It was nearly 1:30 pm and I was drinking my tea as usual. The bell rang I went to open the door and when I did guess who it was? It was Uncle Simon “OMG Uncle Simon” I screamed practically jumping on him he chuckled a bit “yes love that’s me” he managed to say through my killing hug “How are you we missed you?” I asked “aren’t you going to invite me in first? Or are you going to make me stand outside the door?” he asked laughing at me “oh silly me of course get in” he chuckled “where is your sisters?” he asked me

“Will juju and Daliah are still a sleep from yesterday Daliah got a little phobic from the crowd and she felt a little dizzy so I didn’t want to wake her up and Sara is coming tomorrow” “oh is she alright ?should I call a doctor?”He asked with concern in his voice “Naah she’ll be just fine it happens sometimes we got used to it” “oh” is all what he managed to say but there was still concern in his eyes “What about juju?” he asked “You know her, lazy as always and to be honest I didn’t want to wake her up she would make a lot noises and I really don’t want to wake Daliah up” I said rolling my eyes  “How about I wake juju up and tell her to be calm and let Daliah sleep for 2 more hours and then wake her up I have something to ask you girls” uncle Simon said  “uhm ok but may I ask what that thing is ?” “let’s just say I need a favor” he said “ok let me wake them up then Daliah can go to sleep later” I managed to say before running up stairs to the girls rooms and waking them up.



Daliah P.O.V-

I still feel a bit dizzy from yesterday I have never been to a place that crowded but I’ll be fine, I hope so. Mariah woke me and juju up she said something about uncle Simon needing a favor I took a bath brushed my teeth changed into a white short and a jack wills hoodie and got down the girls were already down with uncle Simon I hugged him with one of my killing hugs he just chuckled and motioned me to sit I just nodded and sat “sooo…” I said trying to clear the awkward silence “sooooooo…” juju said “so…” uncle Simon said “Dude am not saying that again” I said to him which only made us laugh after we stopped laughing he spoke “Girls I need you to make me a favor” he said “That’s what I’ve heard” I managed to say before Maria hits me in the head “Awww what was that for I still feel dizzy for crying out loud” I said the headache and the dizziness came again welcome back I said to myself “OMG am so sorry are you ok?” she asked concerned I just nodded and motioned for uncle Simon to proceed  “Do you know the band that you went to their concert yesterday?” we all nodded “well…they kind of need a place to stay since there hotel couldn’t find them any other rooms” “And?...” I asked “Can they spend the vacation with you girls tell they find a place to stay?” He asked with his eyes full of hope. We looked at each other before saying “How many?” we said in unison “3 weeks” our jaws dropped “3 weeks?!!!” we said again in unison “yes I really couldn’t find a place for them” we looked at each other then we said “Fine” smiling “Really??!!!” he asked full of joy “but?!!...” he asked knowing there was a reason behind I smirked “Letting us use your studio for rehearse “it’s a deal” he said “it’s a deal” we girls said in unison again. It’s really hard to have triplets I mean we letterly read each other’s mind which is freaky but cool at the same time. We shook hands and then when he was about to leave I question popped in my head “uncle Simon” I called after him “yes love?” he asked “When are they coming?” I asked him he just smiled and said “in 2 hours” my jaw dropped to the floor IN 2 HOURS?!!!!!! THEY ARE COMING IN 2 HOURS?!!! I just smiled at him and then hugged him and got back inside 

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