In The Limelight

Bethan Thomas & Harry Styles.

Match made in heaven?

Find Out.


1. Chapter 1

Its time to get up, in the morning. (in the morning). We’ve got Mcdonanld’s breakfast for y-


I wacked the snooze button on my customised One Direction alarm clock. The time was 06:32.





So, it’s a BIG day today. Why? Because I’m meeting SIMON COWELL.


I roll out of my bed. Yes, roll.


yep, you guessed it, rolling out of bed means that you hit the floor.

But hey! It wakes me up in the mornings

I walked over to my black draws in search for a towel.


I walked into my en-suite bathroom and stepped into the shower. 

The cold water droplets on my warm skin.

It felt so nice.

I washed my hair with my favourite apple scented shampoo and conditioner before washing my face and removing any hair from my body.

Hey! A girls gotta look good ;)


I stepped out of the shower and wrapped to fluffy towel around my curvy figure.

Much to my delight the shower had only taken 15 minutes.

That means I have enough time to tame my golden, curly locks and do my makeup without rushing.

And who knows.. maybe some twitter time.:)

So, I get dressed in my clothes ready for work, apply my natural inspired makeup and sit on my bed,


Whipping out my Macbook Pro - Thankyou mother :)

Scroll scroll scroll

“Aha! Twitter”

oh look! Harry Styles has tweeted ……


okay, shush Bethan, you sound stupid…

@Harry_Styles – meeting uncle Si today….I swear….i didn’t do it! x

Okay, bet your thinking, okay. she has a crush.


But this is the start of my story.. 

The story of love, abuse, children?



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