I'm Not Supposed To Love You Like This

Just a normal nineteen year old girl who appreciates music and doesn't think she's anything too special. She's content with her life that's quite uncomplicated unless she meddles in her parents work.
She sure as hell didn't expect her life to turn around and take an unexpected turn with one car race.
Against THE Louis Tomlinson!


1. Chapter 1

I was walking down the aisle, looking for some beers that I knew the guys specifically wanted.
I'm having a few friends over tonight at my apartment, kinda like a small party.
I picked a few different twelve packs when I over heard a group of boys.
"Fudge cakes your car drives good!" one exclaimed.
"The engine purrs like a cat!" another sighed happily.
"What's the highest speed you can go on that craic?" the other asked at the same time.
Then two voices laughed together
"Niall its a 911 Turbo Porsche. It goes as fast as I want it to!" the owner spun his keys around his finger.
I'm just assuming, I can only hear and not see them. .
Something drew me to their voices.
With the packs of beer in the cart, I made my way over to them and pretended to browse what was next to them.
I felt their gaze on me so I decided to speak up.
"Which one of you boys owns the Porsche?" I asked.
I looked up to their faces and it all clicked into place.
One Direction.
I'm not a big fan or anything.
Like, I like their music but that's about it.
Now that I'm seeing them face to face, I gotta admit... They're quite fit.
No! I scolded myself.
I had to stop before I found myself arse-over-elbow in these guys fandom.
They silently pointed at the one I'd come to distantly know as Louis.
"Up for a race against a girl?" I winked.
"What?" he asked dumbfounded.
"I wanna race you. Meet you in front of the store, in the car in ten minutes and we'll decide on a route."
"I can't race a girl!" he scoffed
"Can't race one, or can't beat one?" I asked.
The guys 'oohhd' and he grinned.
"What makes you think you can beat my car?" he asked, sounding cocky.
"What makes you think I don't have a car that's better than yours?" I replied with a question.
"Psh!" he scoffed. "I have the newest Porsche. Got it two weeks ago."
"Same car, got it last week."
"What colour?"
"Mine too!"
"It'll be a fair race then. I've gotta go finish shopping. Like I said, ten minutes, meet me out front."
With that, I took the last bottle left of the vodka he was admiring and turned my back to pay for the drinks.
I packed the drinks into a box so that nothing would topple over or smash while I was driving.
I don't know why I asked to race...
It's like I couldn't control myself.
Oh well. Not many people can say they'd raced the famous Louis Tomlinson.
I would be one of the few he could.
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