The Cookie of Truth

Bella is having dinner with her two friends, Ashley and Ruby, at a Chinese restaurant. As a starter, they order fortune cookies. Bella opens hers and it tells her to leave town or something bad will happen.
Should she ignore the cookie and risk the consequences?
Or should she take the advice and leave everything she loves?
Find out in The Cookie of Truth.


1. The Cookie

It all started on a normal evening. Bella was in Kai Mayfair, a Chinese restaurant in London, England. She was with her two friends, Ashley and Ruby, and they were having a friends night out. After what seemed like hours of waiting for a table, they finally got one. 

"Finally!" Ashley exclaimed. She was tall and willowy, with wavy mousy hair to her waist and a few freckles. She was bubbly and always had something to share. Ruby, on the other hand, was short with striaght bright red hair in cut into a neat bob, which suited her. Bella was medium sized for a fourteen year old girl, and she had straight, blonde hair, which reached halfway down her back, with it stylish side fringe. The three fourteen year olds came on the train from their houses, which where in the middle of nowhere in the country. 

"I know right!" Replied Bella, "all those hours worth of waiting just for a table!" Ruby said nothing. She was quiet, but Bella and Ashley liked her on account of her empathy and personality. They stared at their menu's.

"It's in Chinese!" yelled Ashley, quite suddenly. This caused Ruby and Bella to look up. 

"Look on the back, genius" said Ruby, rolling her eyes. Ashley pulled a oops sort of face and turned the menu over. 

"Let's all get fortune cookies as a starter" suggested Bella "they are scrummy!"

"Ok, sure thing. I'm cool with that. Do you guys like-" said Ashley,trying to play it down after her last comment. All she was doing was drawing more attention to herself.

"Yeah, I love them too" cut in Ruby. 

They ordered their drinks and waited for their cookies to come, chatting all the while. Ashley told the dramatic story of her seventeen year old sister's ex-boyfriend, who dumped her on account of the evilest girl on the planet. She had told this story so many times, but Ashley always told it differently.

Finally, the waiter arrived with three fortune cookies. A tingle went down Bella's spine. She loved the anticipation of waiting to see what the message was within the cookie. As the plate was put down on the table, they all took a cookie. Bella shut her eyes as she snapped it open, and then looked at the message. It read:

'Your future is in your hands. Leave town now or face the consequences. Do as I say..... or else...'

Bella went pale. She was trapped. She saw Ruby and Ashley laughing at their messages. She had to leave. Thrusting a few pounds on the table to pay for her cookie, she grabbed her bag and ran out. She had to get away, she had to.

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