Peetas Perspective -The Hunger Games

We all know the gripping story of the Hunger Games but
what would the story be like from Peetas point of view?


1. I love you. Pure and simple.

In the distance I see Katniss walking in my direction, but she cant see me.  Maybe she's looking for me? I don't wait to see if I'm right; instead,  I desperately shuffle my body - trying to block out the pain- hoping that she'll spot me. I try to call her name; my voice fails me. So, I stick with the wriggling. After what seems like forever, she's still not within reach. But then she turns her head slightly, as if she's trying to process something. She looks at me then, right into my eyes - and I do the same. Are gazes lock for a while, before I start to see the sides of her mouth curl, into what has to be the most beautiful smile in the whole damned world. She looks so much younger when she smiles, so much more vunerable, that it makes me want to rush over to her, and promise faithfully that I'll protect her, no matter what. But of course, I cant. I suddenly feel a surge of meaningful guilt, and maybe a hint of annoyance for not being able to do so. But I try not to show it in my expression.

''What?'' She asks playfully.

 "Nothing" I croak. More staring. She walks over to me and bends down, tracing her fingers around the blood stains on my legs - I try not to wince at the pain. Her expression slowly changes, and her voice has taken on more of a stern tone.

"Who done this to you...?" She says it as if its not quite a question, but I resolve to answer anyway.

"Cato," I say, holding down anger. "But don’t worry about me." I carry on. "What about you? Are you OK, really?" It takes her a few seconds to answer; her gaze is still fixed on my knee.

"Y-yeah, yeah. I'm fine... just wait here ok.  Your going to need some medicine for that, or ointment... Or whatever. Just stay here and I'll be back-" I interrupt her, my heart suddenly pounding out through my chest. I can’t let her do that,  can’t let her risk her life for me. And more than that, I cant risk loosing her. I want to say something clever and meaningful but the words take to long to surface in my head, and ruin the effect." Katniss, please p-please don’t go" I say instead. Simple. She must've heard the fear in my voice.

"Fine. I'll stay." She turns her head and looks wearily through the trees; for a second I think she's going to run of and leave me. Then, she turns back to face me, and the weariness is completely gone, vanished. Replaced by a look I’ve never actually seen her wear before.  A look full of pain, and need, and sheer desperation... It almost looks like the kind of look you give someone when you... Well, when you love them. Abruptly my heart starts thumping again but much much faster than the last time. I cant think at all. I don’t even remember where I am or what I'm even doing here. My vision goes blurry and the only thing I can see clearly is Katniss. she's almost glowing compared to everything else... Before I can think about what I'm doing, I lean in to kiss her, long and hard and full of compassion. Her lips taste like pure sweetness even though she probably hasn't eaten anything luxurious in days. For the long while that he kiss lasts, I cant feel  the pain I did just a few moments ago; Not even in my throbbing leg. But as soon as its over. The pain suddenly rushes back, like school kids, racing all at once, through the hallways as if there late for a very important test. Nonetheless, I grit my teeth and pretend I still cant feel it. I have to be brave, for her. Then I wrap my arm around Katniss' waist hoping we'll both fall into a deep sleep...

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