die young

stella is a 16 year old girl. in her highschool shes the popular girl every boy wants to go out with...the one that everyone wants to be friends with and everyone wants to be her! she's beautiful and thinks shes perfect. but after one rumor everyone truns on her no boys like her anymore she is dumped and is being bullied so nows shes everything but perfect... but soon with all of the suffering there is still one boy the one that allways stuck out from the rest thank wants be to be his he thinks he can help her but doesnt have the words to tell her. he allways stuck out becasue of his irish accent and his bright blue eyes and blonde hair he was bullied by people for being in a boy band but thier lives are both about to change forever...


1. morning

stellas pov:

i wake up in my bed its 6:00 am time time get ready for school. i turn on the music from my iphone and go look in the mirror. my wavy brown hair is a mess. my bright green eyes all misty like. my phone beeps through out the music i go check the incoming message.

from: stacey

dude whats wrong with you?!



what did i do?? :'(

i mean seriously what did i do? well ill find out soon enough...

i walk into my bathroom to put on makeup. i go to the cabinent and pull out mascara eyeliner blush and eyeshadow. after i put on my makeup and stuff i walk back into my room. i brush my hair and find clothes to wear to school. i find a bright pink shirt and white skinny jeans with holes in them. i find my silver flats and my matching headband. im all set. i go to my phone which i excpected to have rung. i check the text from stacey.


from: stacey


check facebook youll find the answer


to: stacey


oky see ya later


i walk downstairs. phone in hand. and i see my mom in the kitchen.

hi hunny my mom says.

hi mum i have to go im already late! i say

oky do you want a ride? my mom asks.

no thanks mum but thanks anyways i say and run out the door

i get up to my facebook page. i check my wall and theres a bunch of hate about me like sleeping with every guy in school and being a gigantic flirt and being to self centered.

i feel my eyes burn. i continue walking i see someone walking on the other side of the street i thought it was only one person but 5 boys... they just look at me and give me a smile then continue walking laughing like maniacs. i walk the same way as them i have seen only one of them in school. perhaps the othr 4 havent been in any of my classes this semester... i dont know i have my own problems to work out...



nialls pov:

i was walking wiht the boys to school when i see one of the popular girls walking on the oppisite sside of the street. just being this close to her makes me feel happy. but im just one of the boys that she doesnt notice.

niall? harry asks. he noticed that i stopped walking and i was staring at stella.

i shake my head to get out of the thought that she would never have the same feeling for me...

yes harry? i ask

keep walking and forget about it he says as he looks at where i am looking...

i look at her one more times and she looked like she was going to faint right then and there she looked as if she could cry he face was as pale as snow her legs shook. we both got the other boys to look. we were about to walk and see if she was okay but we just kept walking. she looked in out direction and we all smiled at her. oh gosh that was amazing just to smaile at her.

we continued walking. i could feel her gaze and we walked. she started walking.


about 5 minutes later we reached the school. she crossed the street just as we were walking in i let her infront of me to get in. she walked in slowly. everyone turned to look at her. i went against the wall her face pale as snow just as it was when she was walking. she shook as everyone went to whisper to one another. someone came up to her and said slut and pushed her. she blinked quickly as if it was just a nightmare and she was trying to wake up. but this wasnt a dream this was real life. she got up and quickly walked to the stairs leading to the auditorium. me liam harry louis and zayn all followed quietly behind her. we quickly exchanged glances. she walked through the auditorium doors us following behind.

she goes onto the entrance to the stage. and we all duck behind the farthest seats to we are not caught looking. she turns on the lights and sits up on the stage. she takes out her phone and as i think she turns on her camera and video tapes her self walking she talks but only i hear mumbling becasue i was so far away.


she stops the video and falls onto the stage floor crying.


i felt so bad for her but i dont even know what was wrong.


but i will find out soon enough.

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