More Than This

This was what a wrote for a story we had to do in english class, about someone learning to care for a person. But it was too cute to just be for school, so I had to share, lol. In this story, Sophie and Harry show each other that life is more than what they think it is, due to whatever they already have.


1. An empty room

   Sophie's hands slowly ran up and down her head, sliding across the empty skin. She sat up in her hospital bed and looked out the window. It had been a hard year she'd just gone through. She prayed every night for it all to go away, but it didn't. Every morning she hoped she'd finally woken up from this nightmare, but when she opened her eyes to the same cold, sad, white room, she'd remember this was no nightmare; this was her life. Her life that was once perfect, that was now empty, lonely, and slowly slipping away.  
   Every night she revisited the day the doctors told her how bad her condition had already gotten over time, due to the late detection, and how the cancer was only going to get worse. She knew had bad things would get. She had to move across the country, away from her friends, her family, her home, her life. Now she had nothing. Nothing to look forward to, no one to talk to, not even a reason to smile. Her life now resembled the pale, white, empty room she lived in. 
   She continued to look out the window, looking at the faces of every pedestrian who walked by. She envied them for being able to go out, run around, live their lives, and be happy, while she knew she probably had many years until she could do that again. At seventeen, all she wanted to do was live while she was young, but she couldn't. She can only watch people do so. She had dreams of dancing for the rest of her life. She wanted to go to a dance school, and become a professional dancer, being graceful and beautiful and perfect. Now, with her thinning body, her hairless head, and her weakening heart, she feared those dreams would never be achieved.
   Her heart skipped a beat when she saw a familiar face among the others crowding the sidewalk. It was the green eyes that caught her attention. There, on the sidewalk, was her favorite singer, Harry Styles, from her favorite band, One Direction. As much as she wanted to run out of the hospital and catch him, all she could do was stare. She was absolutely mesmerized.

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