Hayden might just find the boy of her dream on her 18th birthday.


8. Ringing

I tried calling all day. He still didn't answer. I finally fell asleep due to high stress levels. My phone rang loudly causing me to wake up. I quickly answered hoping for it to be Liam.

"Hey Hayden." His deep voice sang. My face suddenly brightened at his words. "Hi Liam." I smiled My face was blushing brightly. "How is your day so far?" He asked. "Well if you would have answered your phone it would have been a lot better." He quickly responded. "Oh. I am really sorry about that. My shitty phone died." I couldn't help but giggle. "No it's okay. I just thought you were mad at me or something." I heard his breathing from the other line. "Why would I be mad at you?" He asked sounding confused. "I don't know. I was just worried." He giggled at my response. "I will never be mad at you." I smiled feeling relieved.

We talked for about a half an hour longer. Later tonight he planned on taking me to meet the boys. I was very nervous. I mean I am going to meet the world famous One Direction. What if they don't like me? I was worried for the remainder of my day.

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