why me

amber is a middle child out of 3 kids . Her brother is the oldest his name is andrew. he is 15. in the acosta family 16 is the year the abuse stops. then there is salito he is 14. elizabeth is 13 . her mother dosent care about the kids at all. The way she gets out of this problem by music she always play the guitar . maybe she will get famouse . does she survie , or does she get resquied. NIALL is her crush maybe niall will take her away and save her from her dad


4. not again contineued

Ambers P.o.v. 

im in my room . i change my shirt and put on my  pjs .  "amber are you okay" my brother called .  "yea im fine" i lied right throught my teeth . knock knock "who is it " i asked  "its me amber let me in" my brother said  "no andrew " i said "to bad im coming in"  my brother said while opening the door. he saw me with  the wounds from yesturday opened and the brusies from ashely. "amber what happened " he said  "nothing andrew leave me alone  " i say "no amber what happened today ." he sayed "nothing " i say "amber i wont leave till you tell me  what happened today !!!!!" he said  "okay i will tell you" i said i repeated everything that happened  today . i had tears in my eyes i held them back but my brother was the best . he got up and left . when he closed the door i  got up off of my bed   and walked to my cd player and put my one direction take me home cd. . i go back to my bed  i hear my laptop bing.  i go to my desk and open my laptop the last time i used my laptop  is when i uploaded the video. so the laptop was still on the video . there was a comment . "hey bitch how you doing . you ugly ass fag your voice is trireble you cant sing for shit, justing beiber is better than you . just go into a deep whole and die make this world eaiser and kill your self . "  tears start to well up in my eyes . i had enough of holding them back this time i just let it out this time. i wiped the tear out of my eyes and go searching threw no draws for something i havent used in a long time . when i found the razor a put it on my wrist and pressed really hard and  moved the razor across my arm . i let the blood from my arm spill on to the floor.  my phone rings  its a random number . i grab a rag and wipe the blood of my arm . "ello " i said . "hello amber this is nialler" niall said   "hey niall how are you doing love " i said   "umm i was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime" niall said  when he said that my face lit up "oh my god sure niall " i said  but then i look at my wirst then i realize  i'm not "good enough" for him . "so when do you wanna go out " niall said . "umm how about now im not doing anything ? ill meet you at the park " i said  "okay amber see you soon " niall said . i hung  up and put the phone on my bed. i went to my closet  i got my faverite t-shirt and put it on. put on my red jeans and my black,red ,and white supras. I didnt want to see my dad so i grabed my phone .  cracked open the window just  enought so i can get out of my room and jump to the floor. i land on my feet like a boss. i walk to the park. when i arrive at the park and sit down on the bench and wait for niall.  i take my iphone out of my pocket and go text niall "hey where are you " i said . "on my way stuck in traffic " niall replaid "why are you stuck in traffic you said you live like 5 mintues away from the park ?" i said  "because i  wanted to take you to a nice place some where far from where  the park and whitestone " he said "okay niall :D " i said . HONK HONK i turn around it is niall in  his car .  i laugh as i walked to his car

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