let me love you

we all know niall liam harry zayn and louis. right well one day amber bumps into niall and based on nialls eyes we could tell it was love at first site. but when niall introudeces her to the band liam and zayn want a peice of her more like they want her to them selves .................. what will happen next


9. reasonings

Amber's P.O.V.

" monster . you are not a monster you are beautiful. when did you do this. why did you do this amber" niall said   i just look down  i do not say anything . "AMBER!! look at me tell me why did you do this and when " niall repeated  " i did this while you are gone , i did this to myself because i feel lonely i thought you left me and all you wanted from me was sex and you didnt love me ." i said the boys where outside the room . the start to come inside the room i jump under the covers so they dont see what i did . im hiding i grab my shirt and put it on . "amber what happend " liam said  " liam i will show you and only you . okay" i said  "okay"liam said . we leave the room  .we go to liams room. i told him to turn around . he did what i said . i take off my shirt and put it on my bra hiding my body and show him my  arm. " monster" he said outloud. " amber you are not a monster " he said he take my arm and kisses it . he pushes me down on his bed and kisses my neck. we where stuck in the moment .  then i stop i look at him he said " omg amber im so sorry i did not want this to happen your nialls girl " he pulls up his plants i put on my pants and put my shirt back on . "its okay liam" i said  . 

Nialls P.O.V.

liam and amber have been in that room for a while. "amber " i call out. "coming Niall" amber said . "Listen amber im sorry for not telling you where i was going this will not happen again please love do not cut or hurt your self please i am here for you . i love you more than harry love pussy cats . i love you more than louis loves harry , i love more than zayn loves him self , i love you more than i love nandos." i said "okay niall" amber said  every body goes back to what they where doing. me and niall sit on the bed and lying in bed talking then we start going at it we take of cloths and start having sex.  


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