Life With One Direction

Mary is Louis Tomlinson's younger eighteen year old sister . Will she be able to take the pressure of newly found fame, being the top med student at Cambridge and being in love with none other than the one and only youngest member of One Direction - Harry Styles?


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7
  Harry's Point of View   What did she say? "What did you say?" I yelled.  "I'm sorry," she apologized to us though I had no idea why.  "Why are you apologizing?" Niall said. "This is phenomeNIALL!!!" "It's brilLIAM!" Liam exclaimed.  "This, and I are amaZAYN!" you can guess the vain one said that.  "It's extraordinHARRY and puuurrrfect!" I winked.  "It's fabuLOUIS!" Lou screamed. "But what do you mean you won't be seeing us? Why?" I asked confusedly.  "Well... I don't like... Wanna intrude in your lives, you know?" "That's nonsense!" Liam laughed. "In fact, I think it's best that you move into this apartment building." The others and I looked at him.  "That is hands down the best idea you've ever had Liam!" I said.  We were all looking at Em, hoping that she would be as happy.  "No guys." All our faces fell.  "Why not?" Zayn looked angry and I quickly gripped his arm, calming him down. He cared about her like she was his little sister and they were all close to her.  "Because like I said, I don't want you boys to feel obligated to look after me. You all have your own lives and I guess I should start to get on with mine after what happened." "No Mary," Louis stopped us all. "You're staying here, that's final."  She started to protest.  Was it really hard for her to stay around me? Did she really not like me that much? "NO! JIMMY PROTESTED!" Louis protested and we laughed.  We all gathered around her in a group hug and she was so cute. Honestly though, to think we didn't want her around! When all I really want is to hold her in my arms.  She went into my room after hanging with us for a bit and I felt as though something was wrong.  I was about to follow her into the room when Niall beat me to it.  When he'd been there for a few minutes, I followed to listen.  "-and I don't think I could bear the fact that he'll be living upstairs," I heard her sob.  "Em you have to tell him the truth about the way you feel. You won't be able to move on until you do." "I know. But I don't know how he'll take it. What if he doesn't talk to me again? There are so many 'what ifs' and-" she started sobbing.  I knocked on the door a minute later, pretending I hadn't heard anything.  She was still moping over that Jacob guy! I think he needs to be taught a lesson... "Hold on a sec," Niall called out.  I heard some sniveling and then her beautiful voice called me in.    Mary's Point of View   I loved the boys for asking me to move in with them but I couldn't handle it.  I went to Harry's room and dived onto the bed knowing that Niall would follow me in soon.  I wasn't disappointed when in less than a minute, he was there hugging me tightly.  I told him all the things in my heart.  How would I be able to handle myself around Harry when he was living just upstairs or across the hall from me? "Em you have to tell him the truth about the way you feel. You won't be able to move on until you do." He was right. I was only lying to myself when I thought I was in love with Jacob.  I know for a fact now that I will never be happy with anyone other than Harry.  Admitting this to myself, I felt the need once again to cut.  I couldn't do that anymore though because I know that the boys will be looking out for signs of it.  I was sobbing into Niall's chest when suddenly there was a knock at the door.  "Hold on a sec," Niall called out as he grabbed a box of tissues and handed me them.  I rubbed the tears and makeup that was smudged off my face.  "Come in," I said quietly.  "Hey Haz!" Niall was trying to be upbeat to lighten the atmosphere but I knew Harry wouldn't fall for it.  "Hey Niall mind if I talk to Em for a bit?" Harry asked.  He looked at me and I gave him a small nod.  "Sure," he smiled. "I'm going home, come down later," he left.  Harry and I just sat there in silence.  It wasn't an uncomfortable silence, it was a silence that two people together could enjoy their own thoughts without being awkward.  Oh how I wish I knew what he was thinking.  "Do you wanna talk about what happened with Jacob this afternoon?" he asked.  I shrugged.  "I told him how I felt about him and he all about just said that it was just a summer fling to him." Talking about it made me want to cry again and the tears fell silently.  I looked up at Harry to see him looking down at me angrily.  "What?" I asked.  "You might be angry at me for this, but I could literally kill him for that. And then kill him again for making you cry. And keep killing him." I laughed and then he noticed that he was being over the top, so did he.  "What are you two sniggering about?" Louis called from the living room and then walked in.  "Nothing," we both said mutually an cracked up laughing.  "Lou, I have an idea," Harry started. "I'm moving out, I've been eighteen for a few months and the apartment next door is ready for me to move in to. How about Em moves in with you?" "Thats a great idea Harry! But I'll miss cuddling up to you at night!" Louis pretended to cry.  Harry got up and kissed Lou's forehead, laughing while doing so.  "Don't worry boo-bear I'll only be next door, come mine when Eleanor isn't spending the night with you." Lou smacked him on the head and Harry left laughing.  "So how about it Em?" Lou asked me.  "How about what?"  "Moving in with me." "I don't know. First it's I don't wanna interfere with your life, you know? And then I'm moving into the same building. And now the same apartment." "Em I would love to have you living with me! This way we can prank the boys 24/7! It'll be great and we can fix our relationship, make up for all that time we've missed out on, you know?" He stared at me while I made up my mind, it took all of half a minute.  "I guess I'm moving in with my older brother then," I smiled.  He picked me up and spun me round in a hug.    I spent the whole of the next week with them and there were two more weeks in the holidays going out with the boys and having fun. They had to start going into the studio in around three weeks and I  how two weeks until I have to be at uni.  I still can't believe I got accepted into Cambridge! I decided to go back to Doncaster without telling the boys.  I'm not great at saying goodbye even though I know I'll be seeing them in a week, I'm gonna miss them like hell.  In the morning, I called a taxi an got picked up, not taking my bags with me.  At the train station I paid for my ticket and then got into my seat on the train.  Half way through the two hour train ride at eight in the morning, my phone was ringing.  "Em where the hell are you?" Lou sounded frustrated.  "Well good morning to you too," I smiled to myself on the train.  "Mary you've got us all worried sick!" Liam had grabbed the phone off him.  Zayn was on next. "Are you okay Mary? Are you hurt?" "Mary, I'll come and get you just tell me where you are!" Harry shouted.  "Guys relax!" I heard some munching and I realized that Niall was eating. He does that a lot normally and even more when he's stressed.  "Im on a train."  I was greeted by silence.  "To Doncaster." "What?" "Why?" "When did you leave?"  "How come you didn't say goodbye to me?" Niall was the last to shout to be heard over the others.  "Sorry Nialler," I regretted it because now Niall was sad. "You know I'm not good at saying goodbye and I'd only end up crying. I'll be back in like a week or two though!" I chatted with them for a while and then said good bye.  It wasn't as bad on the phone, but a tear still escaped my eye.  I took a taxi from the train station, anxious to get home.  When I got there, all the curtains were closed, as were the lights and I guessed that mum was still at work.  I unlocked the door with my keys and stepped inside to a surprise.  It wasn't a good surprise, if that's what you're thinking.  No, I only have a little amount of friends because when Lou became famous all these girls were trying to hang with me just to meet him.  It was the same with family. I was the insignificant one now, it was always 'Where's Louis we've missed him' or 'How's boo bear going?' Don't get me wrong I'm completely happy for my brother but sometimes I get kinda jealous because I'm lonely. Also because singing was something I also enjoyed but no one knew I could do.  If I had thought I knew how to sing everyone would just think I was just jealous of Lou and trying to steal his spotlight.  So no, it wasn't family and friends that were in my dark living room when I walked in, but my mother.   With my father.  Whom I hadn't talked to in eight years. 
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