True love

Shalit & Sarah are best friends. One day they meet the famous band one direction & their lives changes forever


1. It's Niall Horan !

Shalit just froze, she chatted with Niall Horan for 3 months without knowing it was him.She was an eighteen year old girl , with dark brown hair and eyes.

Nandos1993 : hello? U dere?

Goldengirl7447 : yes!

Nandos1993 : now you know who I really am ,so don't tell it to anybody k?

Goldengirl7447 : I promise , I won't tell it to anybody except my best friend k?

Nandos1993 : deal,um... Shal? Can we meet tomorrow in person?

Goldengirl7447 : um... I don't know , well .. K!

Nandos1993 : great! C ya tomorrow,bye

Goldengirl7447 : bye , niall
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