Silent Dance

What happens when dance becomes the main source of income? A group has appeared and taken control of the global market and influential figures believe a dictatorship will begin; whilst others try to unmask the group and seize the world for themselves.


1. Chapter 1

Music boomed through the speakers as the whole club began a new wave of cheering, louder than before. In a chair at the corner of the bar, a girl sat tapping her pen to a paper on the table. She wore a dark cap which was pulled over her eyes so low that one wondered how she was able to see anything other than straight down.  Hearing the noise, she tilted her chin up and towards the sound. Almost everyone was crowded around in a circle, cheering at whatever was happening inside it. Smiling, she returned her attention to the paper and sighed.

                “Thanks,” smiled a guy to the security guard who let him through the door. Surprised, the man merely nodded. The guy, a faint trace of the smile on his lips, watched the crowd who were still cheering, but beginning to quiet down. His eyes ran across the whole scene, looking for something specific. Finally his eyes came to the girl holding her pen, scribbling on the paper vigorously. Amused, a corner of his lips slithered into a smile as he began walking towards her.

                The girl, Silver, heard the sound of a chair to her left being pulled out. She paid no attention to it as she continued her work. The person on her left waved to get the bartender’s attention.

                “Can I get a Lemon Drop?” ordered the man. Silver heard footsteps approaching from her right this time. This time the chair right next to her was pulled out as the bartender gave the other man his drink.

                Pulling out the chair beside the girl, Kade also saw the man sitting a few seats down. He recognized him as the one who was coming out of the circle before. Must be a pretty good dancer. Kade chuckled at the thought.

                “Now what’s this?” Kade pinched the edge of the sheet of paper in front of Silver. “Doing math in a club?” He glanced at the paper which he guessed was math homework. Silver was surprised as she knew whose voice it was. She pushed up her cap by a tiny bit and looked up to see Kade. “Come on,” he extended his hand toward her and smiled, “let’s go home.”

                Silver looked up at him, a faint smile playing on her lips. She took the folded paper and pen and packed it into a sling bag which she hung on her shoulder as she pushed her chair out and took his hand. At the same time, the man lingering across them glanced in their direction. He felt a sense of familiarity from looking at Kade. When Silver took Kade’s hand and his smile grew, he realized where he knew him from.

                “Hey,” he called out. “You there,” Kade looked up from Silver to the man instinctively. “You’re Mafia’s Kade; the right hand of Mafia’s leader himself!” exclaimed the man, pointing at Kade, whose smile had faded. Silver became wary of everything that was happening around them. Kade had reluctantly put on a small smile and chuckled.

                “Sorry, I’m just regular Kade right now,” he briefly flashed his left arm, where his band would usually be worn.

                During the commotion, a number of clubbers had already overheard the exchange and were starting to gather around, whispering to one another. Kade’s grip on silver tightened as he noticed the growing crowd. Silver glanced up to him at the tip of her cap, but said nothing. The news must’ve spread all over the whole club as they suddenly heard the DJ’s voice through his microphone.

                “It seems like we’ve got royalty in the house!” Now practically the whole club was looking at them. Kade’s jaw was clenched as he put on a friendly smile.

                “Actually I was just leaving,” he pulled Silver along and started for the exit.

                “Now hold on just a minute,” the DJ spoke into his microphone. “You can’t just leave like that; especially not you of all people, right?”

                Kade turned his head to look at the DJ, ignoring the crowd of people. “I just came here to pick up someone.” Kade was careful not to reveal Silver’s identity. He kept on going towards the exit, dragging her along. The crowd of people parted silently at their approach; Kade was thankful that they at least kept a distance.

                “Who is that?” The man before suddenly asked. “Another Mafia big shot?” Kade immediately tensed up. During the exchange, Silver had silently grabbed her shades and put them on. I need to get us out of here quickly before we’re caught by more troublesome people she thought. She took a deep breath and squeezed Kade’s hand. He looked down at her and she nodded.

                “I’m sorry for all the trouble, but we really need to get going and I’d appreciate it if you don’t get in our way.” She tilted her head to Kade and whispered, “How did you get here?”

                “Jean’s waiting by the front door.” With that, they held on to each other strongly and headed straight towards the entrance as quick as they could.

                “Now hold on just a minute,” repeated the DJ, “are you running away?” That caught both Silver and Kade’s attention.

                “No, I’m going home.” Without looking back, Silver replied sarcastically. The guard by the door was hesitant as they approached, unsure what to do. As a last minute decision, he stretched out his arms to stop them, but they slid past it swiftly, bursting through the doors. Sweeping the area with her eyes, Silver led them to the inconspicuous black Mercedes sitting idly on the left. They got in hastily, slamming the doors. “Take us home, Jean.”

                Jean looked into his rearview mirror at her, then at the group of people running towards the car and chuckled. “Don’t you have enough fun on the job?” He said as he smirked, left hand changing the gear and right hand on the wheel. In less than three seconds, they had already turned the corner.

                Silver sighed, “I’d rather not have any ‘fun’ if I could help it.” She pulled off her cap, a tumble of snow-white pale hair flowing over her shoulders. Kade, who was watching her, let out a big yawn and spread his arms, stretching.

                “At least it’s finally the weekend.” He said through his yawn. Silver leaned forward, elbows on her knees, resting her chin on her fists, smiling to herself. Kade caught the smile at the corner of his eye.

                “Why are you smiling..” He said slowly, warily. In front, they heard Jean let out a laugh and saw him glace at them in his mirror.

                “Silver!” He pleaded. “You can’t seriously be planning something on exam week!” Silver glanced at him, the smile still lingering on her lips, and winked, her smile growing bigger as she laughed. The car came to a stop in front of huge hotel.

                “Thanks Jean,” Silver said as the doors were opened.

                “Let me know whenever you need me.” He said. As Silver stepped out, she heard a gasp from the young man who opened the door. She stole a quick glance at her reflection in the tinted glass of the car. She saw silver white hair and the dark blue eyes looking back at her growing in panic. Instinctively, her hand leapt to her hair, but just as quick, she stopped herself. She took in a deep breath and smiled politely at the man. An arm wound around her waist and she turned to see Kade.

                “Let’s go,” he said casually, naturally. “Whoops,” he whispered discreetly as he led her up the steps and toward the administration desk. She scoffed.

                “Whoops indeed.” They avoided stares until they reached the desk. The middle-aged man did not stare when he looked up to see Kade, but he was in awe when he saw Silver.

                “We-- Welcome to Phoenix Hotel.” He stuttered the sentence automatically. Slightly amused, Silver smiled and nodded silently in return. Kade cleared his throat.

                “In case you do not know, my friend here, Silver, will be staying overnight with me just for tonight” he stressed. The man nodded, his mouth still gaping. Silver giggled softly. As they left, Kade remembered something and quickly turned back. “Oh, and Yin asked me to let you know that she will be at her friend’s tonight studying for the exams.” The man nodded, already getting back to work.

                As swiftly as they could walk without running, they got to the elevator which, thankfully, was empty. After the doors were securely closed, Kade slipped in a key card into the slot. Normally, it would activate the buttons, but instead, 5 more levels from 26-30 lit up out of a blank space. He lightly tapped one of the heat-sensitive buttons which shone red and the elevator began to move. Silver had escaped from his grasp and her hand over her forehead, sighing.

                “I can’t believe how forgetful I am!” Kade chuckled.

                “It’s alright isn’t it? We’ve covered it. Now all you need to do is complete the cover.” He took her hand away.

                “Yeah, thanks for that.” She said, sighing again.

                “No problem,” he replied just as the doors opened into a large room. “You want something to drink?” He asked as he moved towards the fully-equipped kitchen.

                “No thanks, I need to sort out some things.”

                “Like talking to your online friend?” He remarked slyly. She laughed as she stood atop a small, round mat.

                “Maybe.” Grinning, she disappeared.






Jess tapped her fingers on the table impatiently, staring at her screen. A ding sound alerted her and she read the update; Secrets’ Clock has just signed in. She immediately double-clicked on it and typed out the words furiously.

   JMD says: Where have you been?

    Secrets’ Clock says: Hahah, I’ve been busy.

   JMD says: I’ve noticed. So, what do you have for me?

    Secrets’ Clock says: How do you know if I have something for you?

   JMD says: Because you always do.

    Secrets’ Clock says: True. Alright, I’ve just gotten word that MF is going to open up the Phoenix for one night only.

   JMD says: What? Those Mafia losers are opening up the phoenix club? Are you sure? When?

    Secrets’ Clock says: I’m absolutely positive. Apparently the date isn’t set yet, but it’s supposedly sometime this coming week.

   JMD says: Isn’t that during exam week? What are they trying to pull?

    Secrets’ Clock says: That’s right. I’m not sure, but it seems that they will not be representing themselves in any way this time.

   JMD says: What? So you mean to say none of their members will be present?

    Secrets’ Clock says: Well, aside from management, no, there won’t be.

   JMD says: Humph, I don’t know what they’re thinking, but I’ll be able to use this opportunity to my advantage.

    Secrets’ Clock says: I’m sure you will. Also, there’s another thing. The invitation for this event is by word only, so that means that you can expect many randoms there. Of course, transport will probably hold off a few.

   JMD says: Oh don’t worry; it will still be in my favor.

    Secrets’ Clock says: Alright then. That’s all I have for today. They haven’t been on the move for awhile.

   JMD says: Okay. I’ll be expecting some more information next time.

    Secrets’ Clock says: Of course, always a pleasure.

   JMD says: As for payment, I’ve already advanced for 5 pieces of information.

    Secrets’ Clock says: Thank you. Well then, I have some other business to attend to. I hope to see you again.


Jess knew she needn’t repeat a goodbye as she heard the same familiar ding and the notification of her signing out. She shut down her computer and leaned back against the chair, closing her eyes. Chuckling, she stared intently into the distance.

                “It’s time to make a move. This time, I will be the winner, Mafia.” Her eyes narrowed and a smile crept onto a corner of her lips. Leaning forward, she picked up her phone and hit a speed dial button. It was answered before the first ring had ended.

                “Good evening, Jessica. What can I do for you?

                “Your dancers, are they ready?”

                “Of course, milady. We are ready any time.”

                “Good. Choose your best; they will be accompanying me to the Phoenix.”

                “As you wish. How many will you need ready and when?”

                “2 groups, 10 individuals, next week. Make sure they know at least three routines.”

                “Understood. They will be ready and perfect.”

                “I will send someone to get them next week.” And she hung up.






Letting out a big yawn, Silver spread her arms out, stretching. Grabbing a pen and a book, she opened it to a bookmarked page which contained dates of the following week. She began scribbling furiously, changing the colors of her pen every other sentence. Then, she heard the door at the corner of her room being opened. She continued writing as footsteps approached her, setting down a mug beside her left hand. Finishing her sentence, she put down the pen and looked from the mug up to Kade.

                “I decided to make you some hot chocolate. I know you like it before going to sleep.” He smiled genuinely.

                “Thanks,” she smiled to herself, wrapping her fingers around the mug, feeling the warmth radiating from it. Kade eyed the computer which was still on, then moved towards the diary.

                “So,” he began. “Is there anything I need to know? I’ve kind of realized that your ‘online friend’ knows more than I do sometimes.” She laughed, taking a sip of the drink.

                “Not really, I haven’t planned too many things. Only...” Another sip.

                “Only?” He too took a sip of his own drink, sitting himself down on a chair.

                “I’ve decided to open the Phoenix.” Mid-sip, Kade gasped in surprise, choking on the drink. Coughing, Silver laughed at him lightly. “Is it really that bad a thing?”

                “Ah no, no.” He cleared his throat. “It’s just, during exam week?” She folded her legs on the chair, leaning back into it.

                “I’m planning to forbid any member participation for this opening.” She stated casually.

                “What? Why? But,” Silver held up a hand, stopping him only momentarily. “Wouldn’t that be leaving the Phoenix unguarded? That’s reckless!”

                “Calm down, we will still be supervising everything. Just because we’re not participating doesn’t mean we’re letting our guard down.” She smirked, gazing off into the distance. “I’ll handle the preparations.”

                “I should have known,” he sighed. “Then again, won’t that hinder your exams?”

                “It’s fine. It’ll be the day of my final paper, and there’s plenty of time between now and then to sort everything out.”

                “Okay, wait. Why have it on that day specifically if you’re not…? You can’t be.” She met his eyes and smiled.

                “It’s been awhile since I’ve paid a visit to that so-called building of the century of mine. And no, I will be going as an unrecruited, so it won’t go against my own orders.” Kade stood up and placed his cup on her table.

                “Do what you want,” he gave up, glancing at the clock on the wall. “It’s about time to get some rest,” Silver set down her mug. “Come on,” he offered his hand, repeating the scene earlier. She took it and he pulled her up. He walked with her to her queen sized bed. She sat down and started pulling out bobby pins from the back of her hair. “Let me help you with that,” he offered, sitting beside her.

                “Thanks.” She turned so that her back was facing him and he began removing the pins slowly.

                “I always wonder,” he began suddenly, “if you ever get tired of this.” Her hands were moving around her face, removing something.

                “Hmm,” she thought for awhile. “I guess so, but it can be fun too, at times. And also…” She trailed off.

                “Hm?” He pulled the last pin out.

                “Never mind, it’s still too early for that.” She turned to face him and held a finger to her lips, smiling deviously. He laughed and placed a hand on her head, gently getting a hold of her hair and pulled at it. Her whole head of long, silver hair came off and in turn, the completely opposite was revealed. A stream of black hair fell after the wig was removed. She ran her fingers through it, and looked at Kade.

                “As expected, I like this the best.” He smiled, looking straight into her dark brown eyes.


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