Three Roses - Prologue

The enigmatic and suspenseful tale of a homicide on a local worker at a laundromat. Detectives compile several different theories that include: greed, hate, mistrust, illegal actions and more that give the reader a compiling and shocking turn of events.


1. Prologue

The snow crashed the pavement with patterned strokes. An initial rush of excitement and winter smell crossed the carefree adolescents and children crossing the Queens road on this particular Friday morning. Normal bodily traffic  and accidents were broadcasted over the local news station.

Russian immigrant, Eduard Boklov, born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, worked at the small Vyacheslav laundromat in Flushing, Queens. At first glance, Boklov's overpowering confidentiality and intimidation could be an indignant idea of his character. His greasy palm stroked the back of his receding hairline while reading the newspaper. His facial expressions remained the same as he read the comical and plausible stories through the mid-section of the paper. The laundromat was as appreciative as most -- both small, damp, and a half-lighted room. Boklov lazily slacked back on the creasy stool over the cleanly filled apparel on the counter. He folded the newspaper as a pompous and heavy set Eastern-European male entered the laundromat with a briefcase. His double layer of a University of Notre Dame sweatshirt and old-fashioned Fedora cap made his physical features hard to detect. He had one hand behind his back while his dominant hand carried the (what seemed to be) heavy briefcase.

Boklov, sighing in relief at the sight of some sense of company and potential business, lapped his tongue over his yell teeth. He enthusiastically smiled and reddened his face as the mysterious figure began to approach Boklov without mouthing a single word. The mysterious figure removed the hand behind his back and Eduard groaned. The anonymous male, still not speaking, was carrying a twelve-inch Tenon saw. Boklov, now beginning to hyperventilate and sweat astoundingly, attempted to leap over the counter and rush the male with a swift blow to his jaw. With quick reflexes, the scary and sinister figure immediately swung the Tenon saw at Boklov in swinging distance.

The Tenon saw began jabbing Eduard's cheek. Eduard fell down on the concrete, damp, laundromat floor and attempted to keep fighting for his life by swinging his feet at the male's shins. His now weak, lifeless body failed to connect on hitting this mysterious figure -- be it because of the male's reflexes or Boklov's helpless and frail attempt. The now powering male began combatively swinging the Tenon saw at Eduard's chest and face. His face quickly and easily became nearly unrecognizable and poured blood out into the damp floor.
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