Private Wedding

COMPLETED: ONE-SHOT. Ron and Hermione, post Deathly Hallows. The Golden Trio are famous in the Wizarding World, and now the time has come for them to get married. What will they do?


1. Chapter One


The woman allowed herself the indulgence of one final stretch before pulling her slender legs off the bed and into the awaiting slippers. Her perfectly manicured feet moved swiftly across the lavish carpet as she made her way across to the equally sumptuous bathroom. At a glance, her face appeared healthy and youthful, however, only those who truly knew her could see that the events of the past few years had aged her considerably.

She began to prepare herself for the day. Ordinarily, she abhorred the use of magic when getting herself ready in the morning. Despite her usual rules she magicked her hair into place. A few carefully applied cosmetics enhanced her natural complexion and added a healthy glow.

Stepping away from the oversized mirror, she reached for the garment bag hanging on the back of the door. Carefully pulling the zipper down so as to not inadvertently damage the delicate fabric beneath, she revealed a simple white dress.

Pulling it on, she stared at the reflection in the mirror. The chiffon fabric of the skirt floated to just above her knee, while the beaded bodice clung to her every curve. The sweetheart neckline was anchored to her slight frame by two thick straps haltered to her neck.

Her chocolate coloured eyes stood out sharply against her face, piercing yet relaxed. Her chestnut curls, finally tamed, flowed down her back. She had never felt so beautiful.

A knock sounded on the door.

"Hermione?" questioned a slightly disbelieving Harry, "You look absolutely stunning. Ron better count himself lucky."

A smile illuminated Hermione's face.

'I'm the lucky one," she thought, privately.

"Ginny is waiting for you. She said something about you hurrying up or she would hex...well, trust me when I say this is the more pleasant option."

Hermione's smile faltered slightly at the thought of an irate Ginny. She really was her mother's daughter.

She and Ron had decided on a secret ceremony, before the big party the following day. Only Ginny and Harry would be watching. They had had enough of the beg events, the pomp and ceremony.

Harry gently took Hermione by the hand and apparated them both away to their chosen location. As their feet planted onto the ground Ginny rushed over and pushed a small bouquet of white gardenia's and wild lavender into Hermione's hands. She rushed to her place, just to the side of Ron, underneath the Oak tree, and waited patiently.

Hermione moved her eyes to directly beneath the boughs of the tree and she saw him there. Her future husband. Her only real love. Ron.

Harry took her arm in his and directed her to the awaiting Ron.

As her and Ron's hands joined, it felt like old times. The celebration would come later. For now it was just them, and that was all that mattered.

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