They Don't Know About Us

*A 1D fan fiction*
When Louis falls for one of the enemies will he tell the boys?
When Taya falls for one of the enemies will she tell the girls?
Find Out In They Don't Know About Us(A new song on the new album Take Me Home)


2. Chapter 2

*Niall's POV*

I nodded as Louis whispered in my ear,

"Will do"

Everyone looked at me as I realised I had said it out loud,

"So then what game next?"

I looked at the thinking face of Taya as her face became brighter and excited,


I shook my head as everyone let out a yay, I'm helpless at Volleyball. Everyone made their way to the beach until we got to a big, long net,

"Right girls vs boys?"

"Yeah so me,Taya,Lucy and Ellie and you,Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn"

Darcy said to me pointing at everyone she said, Harry ran over to the girl's side of the net and whispered something in Darcy's ear which made her blush and giggle.

"Girls first"

Zayn said chucking the ball to Lucy who was looking a bit shocked that he had chose her and dropped it, Harry ran back as Lucy started blushing,


She picked it up again as her chubby cheeks became a burgandy colour,

"Ready GO!"

She hit the ball, making a fist shape with her hand as it approached me.


I shouted making the sound tennis players make when they take a shot, It headed Harry's way and he hit it lightly sending it's way to Taya before she smashed it over the net,


Louis stood there mouth open,

"Boo, Close your mouth you could catch flies"

Taya said walking under the net and shutting his mouth with the tip of her middle finger.

"Oh no! The sun's going down"

Liam said pointing at the horizon as the sun was disappearing in the distance, it made a beautiful colour, a mix of orange,pink and yellow with a slight hint of black.

"Quick get some wood ermm. my guitar and a lighter!"

I said instructing everyone, they all seperated as I sat on the white sand.

"Beautiful isn't it?"

I turned my head to the side to see Ellie sat there looking into the distance whilst lightly strumming on my guitar,

"Didn't know you could play and yes not as beautiful as you"

I said as her head fell to the floor in embarrasment and flicked her hair up as she brought her head up again and passed me the guitarm

"Yeah but I'll leave the playing to you"

I splurted out the sand that had just been kicked in my face as Louis arrived with a handful of wood.

"Ready sir!"

The girls came back with a log for everyone to sit on and Darcy was carrying a bag of marshmallows.

"Got my lighter!"

Zayn said sitting next to Lucy on the log. I got up and sat on the log next to Ellie and Liam, Louis sat next to Taya and Harry next to Darcy. The fire started up and we started melting marshmallows on the fire as I started strumming.

"Hey girl I'm waiting on ya, I'm waiting on ya come on and let me sneak you out"

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