They Don't Know About Us

*A 1D fan fiction*
When Louis falls for one of the enemies will he tell the boys?
When Taya falls for one of the enemies will she tell the girls?
Find Out In They Don't Know About Us(A new song on the new album Take Me Home)


1. Chapter 1

*Taya's POV*

"Har stop it that hurts!"

"It's supposed too!"

He gabbed me with the stick causing me to fly back off the podium into the lake water, I came up to a commotion of the boys shouting 'Yay!' and 'Well Done Har!' Ugh those boys are so immature. Louis walked over to me and pulled out his hand,

"Need a lift?"

He winked at me and pulled me out of the water, 

"Thankyou, Think that deserves a hug!"


I wrapped my wet arms around him and in for an embrace, he wriggled around but I managed to keep him. Finally I let him break away and everyone was on the floor laughing,

"It's not funny, these are new clothes!But anyways it's still 1-0 babe"

Yet again he gave me a flirty, sassy look then turned away to whisper something in Niall's ear, Liam came up to me,

"So then what game next?"

I thought for a second and thought of a game I was sure to win at,


*Sorry guys the chapters only small because it's just a taster! tell me what you think and the next one will be longer;) <3*

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