Toms and suspenders

This is a story of two best friends, isis Aguilar, and Louis Tomlinson. They've been best friends since birth isis would get bullied while Louis was the most popular kid in high school. Everything was fine until the evil Celeste nava started dating Louis n she is the most popular girl n school. Celeste and isis hate each other too. Will isis and Louis still be friends or not? This is my first one so please help me thanx!!!! :)


1. Getting bullied

Isis pov:
"Ugh get out of here nerd!" A jock,Eric said to me. "But Louis told me to sit here" i said the evil Celeste grabbed a cup of chocolate milk and walked over to me."Now why would my Louis,want to do something with someone as ugly n pathetic as you?" She said then poured all of her chocolate milk on me. I could already feel my hot tears streaming down my face.
Louis pov:
I was walking out the lunch line when I heard people laughing so I turned to my table and saw my girlfriend, Celeste standing over isis laughing with an empty bottle of milk. It was poured all over isis. Isis got up and ran away. I ran after her and saw her outside on the courtyard crying and she put her knees up to her face to cover it.
Isis pov:
I put my knees up to my chest and I was sobbing then I heard so one called my name and I quickly defend myself. "Please don't hurt me I said. "Now why would I hurt you isis?" I knew that was Louis. He picked me up and asked me "what happend?" I stayed silent. "Isis tell me what happend! Who did this to you?" "It doesn't matter Louis." I said "yes it does!" He said "you should've never ask me to sit at your table. You knew this was gonna happen. No you just feel bad for me." I said "what are you talking about?" He asked. "Louis, I think it comes to the point where your just too cool for me. Now I need to go clean up" I said I quickly ran to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up.
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