The possibilities book

This is Seiren Belmont. A typical girl who likes listening music, writing, reading, hanging out with her best friends, especially with someone she's known for so long and someone she met by chance. The one and only Louis Tomlinson. They came across a website that described a project called "The Possibilities Book." She compels him to enter the X-Factor show and succeeds. Louis breaks her heart when she finds out he has to be away from her and that led them to drift each other apart.. Seiren continued fulfilling her passion for photography and Louis is living his dream in a boy band. How will these two come across?


3. A week later...

Seiren POV

Today is the last day of my senior year in high school and the day we were going to have our diplomas. YAY!

Today was a school day. I woke up, took a quick shower and combed my hair, leaving it flow on my back and shoulders, put on my black skinny jeans, a purple blouse, my flats and put on some makeup. I fetched my toga from my closet I went downstairs and found my twin brother, Adrian eating his breakfast, my sister Lisanna reading her fave magazine while eating and saw my parents doing breakfast together.

"Seiren, finally you woke up." My mom replied as I was going downstairs.
"What made you take so long?" Lisanna asked, as she was flipping a page.
"I think I overslept. I could hardly sleep." I answered, while eating a jelly sandwich.
"You are eager to go to your last day of high school?" Adrian asked.
"No, not at all. I don't know. I guess I couldn't get any sleep." I replied.
"About that, Seiren. Louis came here looking for you." Adrian said.
"He's in here?" I asked, eagerly.
"Yeah, he is in the living room, waiting for you." Mom answered as she was eating.
"Okay. thanks." I said.

When I wandered away from the kitchen and entered the living room I saw him sitting there on the sofa. When I saw him face me, I saw his face lit up. I screamed.

"LOUIIIISS!" I squealed.
"SEIREEEEEEEN!!" Louis squealed, imitating me.

I hugged him. We usually act around like that. Louis hugged me very tightly and grinned. I smiled back. I actually didn't want this day to come. My friends were going to drift apart

"Sei, aren't you excited for our last day of high school?" Louis replied.
"Of course I am!" I smiled.
"Let's go, then."

Adrien, Louis and I took off. Lisanna was waiting outside in her car waiting for us. We got on her car and drove us to our high school. We saw the place crowded with people and as well other classmates with their toga's on. We went directly to where the ceremony was going to be held. We were called by our names as went to receive our diplomas. It was something awesome. Our class president/Valedictorian gave out an emotional speech. Nearly everyone of us cried. It was very emotive. Then, we threw up our hats to the air and screamed and caught them back. Louis and his parent's invited us to a lunch.

Louis POV

As we threw our hats up and caught them back, I took Seiren with me and invited me to go a celebration lunch. I also wanted to tell her about X-factor competition. I wanted her to go with me. We arrived to the restaurant and ate with her family and mine. We spent a great time there. After we had our lunch, we had to leave. I immediately remembered to tell about going to the X-factor but I decided to text her. Man, I am really that forgetful.

Seiren POV

When I spent our celebration lunch with Louis and left. I received a text message from him.

--Hey:) I wanted to ask you something, but I forgot to mention it to you at lunch.-- Boobear:) xx.

I texted him, saying:
--Sure, tell me. What is it?.-- Sei:) xx.

I received his text:
--What if I told you that I want you to come with me and support me tomorrow at the X-factor auditions?-- Boobear:) xx.

I texted him back:
--What!? I would definitely go! You know I can't say no! :D-- Sei:) xx.

I received his text:
--Awesome! *hugs* Thanks, LOVE! I am expecting you tomorrow at my house at 5am. It's a long ride.-- Boobear:) xx.

I texted him back:
--Awww!! Anything for you! :* I'll be there :).-- Sei:) xx.

As I arrived home and went upstairs to my room. I fell on my bed and used my laptop. I wrote some more on my stories and on blog. Then I turned to the Possibilities book he and I had made one week prior. It was placed on my desk, I took it with me on my bed. I read Louis 2 dreams:

--I want to sing to a crowd of people.--
--Live my dream.--

I smiled at those 2 things he wrote, thought about it and soon I fell asleep.

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