Finally found you

what happened if you were separated from your brother? Ashley is normal girl but has a jagged past . Ashley was adopted when she was 3 and was told that her real family is still out there .What will happen if she finds out that her brother is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction ? What if all the One Direction boys had sisters ? what if they all fell for one another ? Not just that BUT One direction have new RIVALS !! What will happen next ??


1. The truth


When i was three i was adopted by my loving parents , though i was happy i always had the same questions in mt head , Is my family alive ? do they miss me ? why am i not with them ? Today was my sixteenth birthday  and i was super excited cause i knew what i wanted. I wanted the truth.

i headed down stairs and was shocked to see my parents with a birthday cake :) they sang me happy birthday and blew the candles and of course made my wish , '' What did you wish for pumpkin ? '' my dad asked. I really wanted to know i just spit it out '' Dad , i want to know where i came from . who my real family is ?'' my parents looked shocked '' we knew this day would come '' is what my mum said. My dad started to explain 

'' When your mother and i found out we were not able to bear children we went to the foster home and found you , when we asked for your back round story the caretaker said that your parents got divorced your brother who is 4 years older than you went with your mother and your dad said that he was not able to provide things you needed so her gave you up for adoption but when he did you were only 2 so you do not remember any thing . We have your parents numbers if you wanna call them ? '' 

i stood there in shock then asked for my mothers number ...

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