My name is Cathy,Cathy Chom.When Cathy visits one of her friends what happens when she meets Liam?


1. Meeting me.

Cathy's P.O.V.

I am a outgoing,carefree,and a person who loves 1D!I have black long hair.I have tan skin and a perfect body.I like Liam Payne,he is cute and his a good singer.I am 95 pounds and my height is 5'1.I always wanted 2 kids,a boy named Connor and a girl named Darcey.I am working as a Pediatrician (Kids doctor) and I am 18 years old.I woke up at 6:30 am in the morning.I went into the bathroom,curled my hair,brushed my teeth,putted on make-up,applyied lip gloss,and got on blue skinny jeans,a ruffle yellow shirt,bracelt,necklace,earrings,shoes,a hat,an grabbed my iPod.I went downstairs and ate some toast.I got a email from my boss saying that we are off today cause its a holiday.I went onto my blog and saw that Liam was on.I texted him and he texted back,but soon my eyes started to hurt.
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