As long As You Love Me

Life was suppose to be simple. It was suppose to be something you wanted it to be. Something you choose to do with it. But for me? It wasn’t like that at all. I had to marry someone I didn’t even know. Someone who My father had chosen for me. Someone who he thought was perfect for me. But to Me, This didn’t seem fair. But what could I do? I can’t! I just have to do what my Father want’s and not argue.”

Melissa Collins was a “Normal” 18 year old teenager. Yea not really. She wasn’t like other 18 year old girls, who could go out and party all day. She couldn’t have a normal teenage age life anymore, she had a huge problem. She was forced to Marry, one of One-Direction members,Zayn Malik. The funny thing was they didn’t know each other, but they hated each other like no-one else could. Then there was this other person standing in there way….. Harry Styles……


1. Prologue



“Melissa” I could hear someone calling my name. I could feel the anger in there voice every time they spoke my name. I turned around finding Zayn and Harry looking at me. 

“Yes” I told them both calmly like nothing had happened between us three. When actually everything happened. Thing’s I wished didn’t happen. Memories I will never forget. Things that brought me pain,that brought them pain. But was  I the Cause of all of this? Did I ruin their friendship? Was I all to blame for?

“You Have to choose, Melissa. Who is it?”  I could feel how desperate they where to know who I wanted. But the truth was I wanted them both. But I couldn’t choose both of them. I had to pick one or the other

Harry Styles. The guy who was a flirty asshole when he first met me. The guy who made me cry over him. The guy who let me cry on his shoulder when I didn’t know whta to do. The guy who I fell in love with and still am….

Zayn Malik. The guy Who I married,because of what someone wanted me to do. The guy who I hated ,and he felt the same way towards me. The guy who made me want to cry. The guy who made me fall for him. But he wasn’t there to catch me. The guy who I love so much with all my heart……

                           Who Do I choose? Zayn or Harry?

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