We find our heroes and a newcomer training for an upcoming battle to take place on Earth against Frieza. CannonXOC


1. Mola


     The day was a dry hot one, full of sun and even less clouds. As the day drug on our heroes knew what was coming. Even with the impending dangers looming over the planet, they still found time to have a little fun with friends and family.

     Krillin found time to spend with Master Roshi and Turtle as they have always done just hanging out and talking about nothing or trying to avoid Krillin’s girlfriend, Marion, who was very uncomfortable to be round. The uneasiness could have come from the way she flirted with every man that crossed her path. Possibly in the way she pouted when she wanted her way, or in the fact that she was very high-maintenance. The best thing that Krillin could think to do was just give her his credit card and let her go wild. Unexpectedly, later that day she came back to let Krillin know that she had found someone new. The day had become even better, for Yamcha, Tien, and Chaozu had shown up. They played cards, board games, and did what all men do and talk about pretty woman on the television. The men tried as hard as they could to act as if everything was normal. It seemed to work for the most part. At least until someone found themselves alone with their thoughts.

     “Guys… um… I just want um… you all to know that I …well…I think that you are some of the bestest friends a guy could ever have. There I said it.” Krillin nervously stuttered as he fiddled with his fingers.

     They all looked at each other and laughed. “Besides Goku, we’re the only friends you’ve got.” Yamcha stated.

     They were all having a good time. Krillin could not remember the last time that he had had so much fun. He was enjoying the normality that was his life.

     Gohan found himself at home, against his will, with his mom, Chi-chi and his grandfather, Ox King. His mother refused to let him leave the house after all the things that had recently transpired. With him gone entirely too long to a distant planet that blew up, which managed to leave his studies abandoned. Wished back to Earth, with her being the last to know, all piled on top of the disappearance of his father, which in itself being the breaking point. There was no way that she was going to permit her little boy to go out and get hurt. Ever! Even less chance to go out and 'fight' with that green monster that he and his father were colleagues.

     “There’s absolutely no way that you are getting out of this house, young man! Especially Gohan when you have plans to seek out that monster, no way mister! You’re staying here and keeping that perfect little nose of yours in those books. There’s no way that you, my son, are going to be a delinquent like your father! Now my sweet little boy, you go upstairs, do your homework, and make your poor mother happy.” Gohan had learned a long time ago, that it was best to let his mother have her way.

     For the duration of his unwanted stay at home, he chose to stay in his room and get his studies done quickly. In that, he could get in some training without having to hear his mother’s disapproval.

     Vegeta was taking up refuge in Bulma’s house. Not by choice, he not too long being back to life, wished from a dying planet to Earth, had been training extremely hard. The results left him very weak which lead him to fall into a coma. Bulma taking care of him nonstop, rarely left his side. Many nights she would fall asleep on the bedside chair, for the fear that he would have a relapse while no one was there. One day, Vegeta woke temporarily from his slumber and noticed her in the chair fast asleep.

     “Why is she here? I do not need a babysitter to watch over me, I am a Saiyan Warrior.” He thought to himself.

     He studied the room and realized that by the state of it, she had not abandoned his side in some time. “What? Has she been here all this time?” Before long, they found themselves in a flourishing relationship, well, in Bulma’s mind at least.

     Piccolo, a loner, was training. He had been training extremely hard because as much as he hated it, he wanted to be stronger than Goku. He knew when his friend returned from where he was the Saiyan would have attained new fighting techniques and a power level that would be unbelievable. After Namek, Piccolo could never risk anyone, friend or foe, being that much more powerful than what he was possible of achieving. Night and day, day and night, he trained. He continued until he bled, but his attacks just were not strong enough. Even when he multiplied himself into three, the two clones were only just as strong as he was. There was a necessity for more, a harsher opponent, one that could catch him off-guard, and not anticipate his attacks in like. He needed a solution, and he needed it fast, or it all would have been for none.

     Mola, a newcomer to the Z Fighters, had also planned to be there for the battle. It had been a long time since she had the joy of participating in a fight, especially an event of this nature. She had only been on Earth for a year and a half, well in two days’ time it would be, and had been waiting for some good action ever since. She had arrived on the planet while some of the Z Fighters set off to Namek, and had met Master Roshi as she was out doing some early morning drills. They befriended each other quickly. Soon after she learned all about the other fighters, and knew she had to be joining them.

     Mola could pass for a human Latina if she did not have circular spots starting at her temples, down either side of her neck. At the bottom of the neck, her skin discolorations separated in two different directions. The blemishes that were on the front half of her body came straight down, to make a rounded triangle as they came together in the middle of her chest. The remaining marks made their way down her shoulder blades to join at the small of her back. The imperfections whose colors were aquamarine combined with green, ranged in sizes from as small as a pinhole to as big as a quarter. The very shiny marks had no difference in texture than the rest of her skin but presented themselves in an almost scaly reptilian nature. She had burgundy shoulder length hair, which made her brown eyes appear the same color. She was heavyset, the good side of a hundred and seventy pounds and stood five feet eight inches.

     Mola had some alone time to prepare her strategy. She needed to spar, but her options were very limited. There were actually only two options, Piccolo or Vegeta. She had rather of chosen Vegeta, for he owed her a fight. Dating back to when they first met seven years ago. However, due to his absence, she really had no choice.

     She was cautious of going to Piccolo. She was fond of him ever since they met for he reminded her of herself, in the fact that they both were the only ones of their kind. In that time, she had no idea of the existence of Kami. She became a lot closer with Piccolo and started to enjoy his company. He felt like a brother. However, as time passed, those feelings started to change. This made her become even more confused. She had made plans on never needing a man in her life, for they only brought trouble, the kind of trouble that she had absolutely no time for. The last time the two encountered, she discovered she had developed feelings for him, on top of the respect she had felt. Being around him had started to become very awkward. Piccolo became aware of something different with his friend one day when they were fighting and the two crashed into one another. He could not put a finger on it, but something was there. Hesitant moves, as slight as they might have been were out of character, especially for her.

     He called her on it as the two began fighting again. “Mola, what is wrong with you? Your reactions are off and you haven’t been the same after the impact.”

      “What? There is nothing wrong, just have my mind on other things at the moment. Why?” She asked.

     “Are you sure that you have your mind elsewhere and not on me? You haven’t said a word since you stared in my eyes after we collided.”

     “Wow, you really do have an ego. I dare to say, you may be right. I have noticed something there that was never there before. I could be so into you that it hurts, or you could be so full of yourself that it is unbearable. You be the judge.” Mola replied.

     Piccolo stopped his offence and lowered himself down to the rocky earth underneath. Mola was extremely hard to figure out when she wanted. In disliking her sincerity or maybe it was her word play, provoked a feeling that made him uneasy. “I am a Namek and we Namekians do not have or need females. Nor have I the desire to act like humans and mate, which means that I have no use for you. I detest the idea of the thing you call human love.”

     She recalled how belittled, not to mention the pain he made her feel. There was no way she was going to let it show. “Harsh. First off, I am so sorry. Second, you wish, and third, love? Hardly. One day you will re… no… anyway,” she changed her tone of voice from angry to chipper, “it is your loss, but it could have been really great though.” She replied, laughing.

     In remembering the events of that day, she found that his words still cut as sharp as a knife and somehow she still felt sorry for him. For no other race that she had come across in all her travels, had only one gender. She could not fathom such an alienated life.

     Mola did have feelings for Piccolo, even though she herself did not know what they were exactly. Therefore, seeing him every day she found was making an awkward situation even worse. She planned and started making seldom appearances round him. With time flying by very rapidly, she came to the realization that she no longer carried the flame that she once bore for the Namekian. So seeing him every three days was getting much easier. Now that a few months have passed, she concluded that the discomfort was completely gone. For Piccolo, she in herself had moved on, she was completely over him and it was all water under the bridge by now. Least she hoped.

     Shaking her head to clear her mind and bring it back to the present, she hovered briefly in midair as she talked her next move to herself. “Well, if you plan on being in this fight, you better get a move on and handle business.”

     Once again knowing that her Namekian friend was the only opening to get in some good training, she swallowed down her pride and made the sacrifice, and decided to make her way to join Piccolo but not before completing a rescue mission.

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