thinking bout you - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Alice is a shy, bubbly, optomistic, and caring person. She lives nextdoor to her best friend Spencer, who has a twin brother Niall. Secretly Alice has had a crush on her best friends brother but has hidden the secret from her best friend because she is afraid of what she would think. Alice also has a boy that she has just started seeing because Spencer kind of forced her into it, she doesnt like him at all but she she doesnt want to hurt anyones feelings, Summer comes around and things get a bit heated up between Alice and Niall, but will it just be a summer fling or more? What happens when Niall has to leave to tour with one direction his newly formed band.


1. Bootcamp

I sit in my bedroom looking out the window at next door, I see Niall, the boy who I have had a secret crush on since I was like three, but nobody knows that, not even my best friend Spencer, who also happens to be Niall’s twin sister...  and besides I’m sort of seeing someone at the moment, Spencer convinced me to go on a date with this guy called Alec, he seems nice but I just can’t seem to be interested, I know that’s bad, I thought that maybe I could use him to get over Niall, but I guess I just like Niall too much, not that he will ever know that.

Niall sees me watching him and pulls his camera up and snaps a pic of me, my mouth is hanging open, and did he know that I was watching him? I blush lightly, and Niall waves, I wave back and just as I’m about to call out to Niall and see what he’s up to my phone starts ringing, I sigh and answer it “Hello?” I say , trying not to let the annoyance show in my voice. “Hey, so I was wondering if you wanted to go out to a movie tonight?” asks Alec. Oh great. “I’m sorry I can’t tonight, I’m Not feeling that great but can we re-schedule for another night?” I lie . Please don’t ask any questions I think. “Oh that’s terrible, of course we can plan this for another night, you should get some rest, I’ll talk to you later, okay “he says worriedly. “Okay bye” I say and sigh as I hang up just as Spencer walks in.

“Alice! Why did you blow him off”! She exclaims, “Well, you see I’m just not that into him but I don’t want to be mean” I say weakly. Spencer sighs “Why don’t you just give him a chance, he totally adores you”. I open my window so that I Can sneakily see if Niall is still there, which he isn’t, “ I honestly have tried but my hearts just not in it ya know, I mean he’s a great guy, but just not the one for me” I say. “Well you’re going to have to let him know sometime soon, you don’t want to lead him on” she says. “I know” I reply. Spencer smiles at me then gets all excited “Are you ready to go? Niall is really nervous about what’s going to happen today” oh gosh, I totally forgot about Niall’s x factor audition, he’s made it so far, I know that he can win this, “oh yeah of course lets go” I say smiling.

When we arrive everyone can tell that Niall is nervous, its the last day of boot camp and if he doesn’t make it through he will be so devastated, but I know that he can do this, he has an incredible voice. “Niall, don’t worry you’ve got this, you have an amazing voice, I mean I would know since I’ve known you forever, you’re going to win” I tell him smiling, he pulls me in for a hug, “thanks Alice” he says.
Oh how I love Niall’s hugs they make me feel so safe and secure, I don’t want this hug to end but of course he has to go on stage. Spencer and I go and sit in the audience, practically bouncing off our seats from excitement for Niall.  Everyone sings, when it comes to Niall’s turn I pretty much melt right there in my seat.  “I’m so proud of him!” says Spencer. I nod in agreement. The judges tell everyone to leave so that they can decide who stays and who goes. We run backstage to find Niall, “that was brilliant! You did amazing, you will definitely be going to the judge’s houses, no doubt” says Spencer excitedly. “Yeah you were amazing out there, you totally killed it” I say.  “Thanks, that means a lot coming from my two favourite girls in the whole world” he says grinning from ear to ear.
We hear someone announce for the contestants to go back on stage, so we wish Niall good luck and head back to our seats.

The first group comes up and they are told they made it through, they all yell for joy. The second group comes up, and still Niall is not a part of the group, they don’t make it through, its sad watching people’s dreams get crushed. The final group comes onstage, I see Niall, he looks so nervous. Simon says some contestants names “Could Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan take a step forward” he says, I see the worried look Niall’s face. Please Simon give him a chance he is so talented, I want to say. “Those of you who did not step forwards I am sorry but you have to go home” he says. They walk off stage upset, Simon then turns to Niall and the four other boys on stage “Ok we have decided to put you through as a group, this means you are going to have to work 12, 14 hours a day but you have made it t the next round” he says and I see Niall and the four other boys just go nuts on stage, Spencer and I are so excited we can barely hold it in, we run backstage to meet Niall.

“Congratulations Niall!” both Spencer and I scream running up to him. We embrace him in a hug, “can’t breathe guys!” he says laughing.  Niall introduces us to the 4 lads behind him “This is Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn” he says pointing to each of them, “and this is my sister Spencer and one of my best friends Alice” he says pointing at us. They all give a cheerful hello, as we do the same.  “Do you lads want to stay the night at my place” I hear Niall ask them. “Sounds like fun” says Liam. “I’m in” says harry.  “Of course” says Louis. “Yeah” says Zayn smiling.  We all head to the car bursting with excitement, Spencer asks if I want to stay the night and of course I’m not going to say no. 

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