He got along so well with her, they were obviously in love. Their parents thought they would get married when they grew older. When they became the age of 15, he needed new friends. She became lost, sad, and she didn't think of him again. She was never a popular kind of girl. She never had a lot of friends. She never was very pretty. Her life turned complete upside down. Until he walked back in it.


11. Chapter Ten

-1 week after break-

The alarm went off and I was exhausted even after eight hours of sleep. It was restless, and my body ached everywhere. It didn't help that Niall didn't come in until around eleven, and the smell of outside radiated from his body. I slammed my hand around and hit the alarm, turning it off to keep the annoying buzzing noise from continuing. I rolled out of bed not bothering to wake up Niall because he wouldn't wake up. I mentally chuckled and started getting ready. I tried to look more presentable today, since it was somewhat a reasonable temperature. It didn't take me long, since I wear such light makeup and I let my hair flow naturally. (  Break was really fun, Niall and I had a blast. He was still being secretive when it came to the subject of Madeline ..but besides that, everything went fine. I loved the days when we just snuggled up on the couch and whispered sweet nothings in each others ears. It was perfect. I sighed, wishing it never ended. Niall was still not out of bed, snoring gently and softly. I sighed and walked over to his side of the bed, placing a soft kiss on his forehead.

"Niall, love. Wake up, we have to go." He groaned and rolled over so he was facing me.

"I don't feel good," he whined and I could tell he wasn't lying. His eyes were purple underneath and his face was a pale white color. I sighed and kissed his forehead again. 

"I'll stay until you fall back asleep, but then I have to go, all right?" He nodded and rolled back into his pillow, groaning loudly. I sat down next to him and his skin was at least one hundred degrees. "Niall baby, you're burning up!" I put my hands on his back and slowly started to massage his shoulders, and I knew it always made him fall asleep. He shivered when our skin made contact, my cool hands causing his body to drop a couple degrees. He let out a breath of comfort and closed his eyes, taking in the feeling of my hands on his back. 

"Elizabeth?" His voice cracked while he whispered it to me, and it reminded me of our primary school years. 


"I love you and I'm sorry," he whispered in a voice that made me want to cry. It was so soft, and made him sound so sincere and sweet that it broke my heart a bit. Even if he's still keeping secrets from me I just wanted to lie next to him and kiss him each time he took a breath. 

"I love you too, Niall," I heard him sigh in relief and I smiled at him. I kissed his neck and his shoulders,  and he flipped me over and kissed my lips. 

"Stay with me, please," I sighed and kissed his forehead. 

"I'm sorry, babe. I need to go to school. I can't miss another day or I'll have detention, and then I won't be able to come home and see you!" I kissed his nose and he smiled like a little kid. 

"Okay, but be careful. I love you so much," I smiled and rubbed his chest, placing a soft kiss on his lips while I stood up slowly. 

"I love you too. Please get some sleep or you'll never get better, okay? Goodbye," I ran my hand over his chest one last time and walked out the door, walking to the kitchen to get the keys. I locked the doors and walked out to my car and pulled out of the driveway. It looked like it was going to rain today, which sucks. The sky was a dull grey and every once in a while the sun peaked through. I turned on the radio and skipped through channels until I found something good.  A car in front of me decided to move super slow so I beeped my horn, and it finally got the memo to move. I pulled into lot 234 and parked the car, taking a deep breath before walking into the hellhole. I yanked my door open and stepped out, slinging my bag over my shoulder and slamming my door shut behind me. I pulled open the front door and saw Harry, and he looked like a lost puppy.

"Harry," I laughed at him as he spun around a couple of times until he could see me. 

"Elizabeth!" He laughed with me and I smiled, taking his paper schedule out of his hands. 

"I can't believe you still need this, its been a week!" I smiled and he grinned, taking his schedule back. 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now walk me to homeroom! I still don't know where I'm going!" I laughed and nodded, grabbing his elbow and taking him to my locker.

"I have to get my stuff first, I hope you don't mind," I said and looked into his piercing emerald eyes and he just grinned and nodded. I knelt down and opened my lock, when I heard the terrifyingly familiar voices that haunted me. 

"Niall's not here to protect you anymore, aye girl?" They laughed and I rolled my eyes, grabbing my books and focusing on myself. They walked closer and I flinched  but tried not to make a scene once again. "So, what should we do to her?" They laughed and one came over and slammed my locker shut, almost getting my hand causing me to yelp. I stood up with anger bubbling in my eyes and he stepped back. 

"Get the fuck away from me, idiots," I yelled and they just laughed. John, one of the boys came up and pinned me against the locker. 

"What did you say to me?" He said in my face and I flinched away when Harry grabbed him by the lapels of his collared shirt, shoving him against the locker.

"She said get the fuck away from her, idiot," he screamed at him and John shrinked under him. 

"Chill, chill man," John said as he slid out from Harry's grip and walked away with his group of friends.

I stared at Harry, my hazel eyes into his, looking for a reason or explanation. He stared back and stepped closer to me, his eyes looking at my lips and back to my eyes. He leaned in and I got lost for a second but quickly pulled away, blushing deeply. 

"Harry, I-" He nodded his head.

"My fault, my fault. So, let's get to first period!" He said completely forgetting about anything that just happened. I sighed and nodded, walking down the hall towards room 114. "So where is this boyfriend character, yeah? You said I could meet him today!" He smiled enthusiastically at me and I rolled my eyes in amusement. 

"He's sick at home. He wanted me to stay but I wanted to come or else I would have gotten detention, so," he chuckled and I chuckled too. As we passed people, Harry got plenty of looks from beautiful girls that were always mean to me, but he didn't notice. His eyes stayed on me the whole time which made me blush even harder. "Harry, I know you're looking at me," I said and turned around to face him which ended up as me tripping while trying to walk sideways. He caught me and bore his eyes into mine, causing my stomach to get nervous.

"I can't take my eyes off of you," he whispered in my ear and I sighed, pulling him over to a quiet corner near the lockers. He bent his head so he was looking at the white converse on his feet.

"Harry, you know that I have a boyfriend," He nodded and looked up for a second, trying to think of words. His mouth opened and then shut quickly, and in that moment I just wanted to forget I ever met him. He was making it hard for me not to kiss him back, but with Niall home and sick my heart stays with him.

"Can we be honest for a minute?" He whispered and I looked away, letting out a breath I didn't realize I was holding. 

"Yes," I whispered and he leaned in towards my ear, so I could feel his hot breath on my skin giving me the chills.

"You're beautiful, Elizabeth," He held his breath so it seemed as if he had moved away, so when I turned towards him our noses met, and he gazed into my eyes to the point I was turning into a goo.

"H-H-Harry..," I gasped trying so hard not to fall for this, because I love Niall. My confidence came spiraling down until it hit the floor with a giant thud. "No. You don't need to do this to me, okay? Do you see the looks you get from other girls? I'm not worth this, okay?"

"Be honest with me. There's apart of you that wants to kiss me back just like I want to kiss you. I don't care who looks at me, I only look at you. I really, really like you."

"Harry, no. You don't like me, this is just a little delusion you're having. I'm nothing special, you just want to think that because you haven't met anyone else at the school. So stop, all right? You're making this hard for me t-to-," 

"Be with Niall?" I looked at him and bit my lip while furrowing my eyebrows. He knew so much about me by just looking into my eyes. I hate that about myself, I've always been the one who people can see what's going on by looking in my eyes. If I'm lying, they look in my eyes. If I'm upset, they look into my eyes. It is a terrible character trait, I admit.

"Y-Yes, so lets find you someone else to do this too, yeah? Because Harry, I can't," He sighed, his eyes becoming dull as he moved away from my face and towards the hallway. He ran a hand through is dark curly hair and waited for me to lead him to homeroom. I walked next to him, placing a comforting hand on his arm and he pulled away. I swear I heard him whisper something to himself.

"I think I love you."




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