He got along so well with her, they were obviously in love. Their parents thought they would get married when they grew older. When they became the age of 15, he needed new friends. She became lost, sad, and she didn't think of him again. She was never a popular kind of girl. She never had a lot of friends. She never was very pretty. Her life turned complete upside down. Until he walked back in it.


1. Prolouge

I was never the type of girl that had a lot of friends, or did things within or out of school. That was until I met him. I didn't notice that he changed my life until the end of middle school, since I've known him from when we were about two. His name is Niall Horan. We go to school together, and he is the reason that my heart keeps beating. He doesn't know me, but I know him. We used to be best friends, and he was all I ever needed. But then he decided I wasn't what he was looking for and moved on to a new crowd. So he left me, forgot all about everything we ever did. Even my name. But I didn't forget.

I have always been a little shy, which made me weird to other people. I admit I'm not hideous, but I'm not drop dead gorgeous. Somewhere in-between. But the girls who laugh at me must feel differently. Not that it matters to anyone. Anyway, when I walk the halls I feel empty and incomplete. He is in three of my classes, but not like he notices me.

Sometimes I'll catch him glancing at me but I just shake it off, he's probably just looking at someone behind me. With him I felt more pretty, confident in myself. He helped me make friends and be more outgoing. Then he left and that trust he had constructed was shattered. Along with the friendships made, the confidence built, and the self-respect destroyed. I have problems with trusting people. Now you can see why. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm so close to ending it all, it's just really not with it anymore. I'll always be there for him. But no one is ever there for me.


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