Love At First Sight - Zayn Malik Love Story -

This is the story of how 5 guys fell for the same girl . That girl ... is you .


1. Chapter 1

 It's around 5:00pm and you hear your ringtone ringing; One Thing by One Direction. "Hello?" you say . " HELLOOO! THIS IS THE 'TOP HITS' RADIO STATION! YOU ARE THE NEW LUCKY OWNER OF 2 AMAZING PRIZES! " The Caller Says. You're body gets all loose " OMG !! what did i win ?!!? " You practically scream! " V.I.P Backstage tickets, and Front Row tickets to THE NUMBER ONE SOLD OUT CONCERT!" they say. " OMG!!! ONE DIRECTION !?!?!? " You're screaming into the phone now. You're super in love with One Direction. You know everything about them! " Yes Ma'am! One Direction is correct!!! " they say . " OH MY GOSH THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" You scream as loud as possible when they put you on hold so they can get your information, you're mom comes down the stairs " What's up with all the screaming ?!?! " she says " MOM I JUST WON TICKETS TO A SOLD OUT ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!" you yell . " Oh my gosh!!! congrats!!! " She replys . The next day you recieve the tickets in the mail and you're jumping like crazy! You go shopping that day because the concert is in 3 days. You're mom buys you a pair of black skinny jeans, red tank top, and converses. " Mom totally love the outfit!" you say. " I knew you would " she replies.
The day is here . In an hour you will be meeting the boys. You are biting your nails; it's a habit of yours. " Stop biting your nails! You barely even have any nails to begin with!" Your mom says " Mom! " she says. You two laugh it off. " I'm so excited to finally get to see-" you mom cuts you off saying " Niall and Harry ". " You know me well hahah " you say. your mom says " Haha you talk about those two boys so much " You say " Of course, they're so freakin cute! " 
" Mom! We're here !!!! " You're mom pulls into a parking spot and you go into the line. " Young lady what are tickets?" An older looking woman asks you " VIP backstage tickets, and front row seats." you reply. " Okay well come with me then. I'm in charge of taking you young ladies to meet them " she says " Really!? Yay!! " You get butterflies in your stomach as you reach where they are waiting. They lady opens the doors and there are see Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis. Laughing and drinking water. Harry is the first one to greet you " Well Hi .. what's your name? " He says " Alexia " you reply . " Well Hey Alexia, You're looking beautiful " You instantly start to blush. Harry notices and gives you a hug, his hands on your waist. Next Niall . " Hey Niall! " you say " Hey gorgeous " He gives you a kiss on your cheek and a hug, he buries his face in your neck, as you have heard he gives hugs. You instantly giggle. Next comes Zayn " Hiya Zayn!" " Heyy cutie " He gives you a hug also and his hands are on your lower back. Next comes Liam. " Heyyy Leeeyuummm " you say jokingly " Heyyy Alexxiaaa " he says back. he hugs you and you fell his hands run up and down your back. Last but not least is Louis. " Heyy Boo Bear!!! " you say " Heyy Pookiee " he says back, he gives you a slight kiss on the cheek and a hug, his hug is warm and loving. After the hug fest you talk to the boys, laugh. Niall offers a piece of his chicken sandwich and everyone just stares at him " Did Niall just offer someone else a piece of food ?!?! " Zayn says. " He's in love that's what he's got " Liam says. You and Niall start to blush and you take a piece and eat it." Maddie so tell us about yourself " He says after he offers you a seat beside him. You tell them everything they wanna know and after 5 mins the boys have to go to preform on stage. Harry and Niall are the last ones to give you hugs. " I think i love you" Niall whispers in your ear and he kisses your cheek. you blush instantly and then you turn to Harry. " Niall really does like you. But i love you " Harry says as he presses his lips against yours, giving you a soft, gentle kiss. " I love you too Harry " you say giving him a hug goodbye.

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