That Awkward Situation (Harry Styles/One Direction Fan Fiction)

Marina Belle Edwards is what you may call one awkward ball. Of course, she's never really had a problem with that, until she discovers who her roommate is. Okay, so maybe at first she had no clue, but she soon begins to realize that he's "bigger" than she thought. Who's her roommate? Well he's none other theh the marvelous, Harry Edward Styles. As Marina goes on a social roller coaster, she experiences what really is life. But then again all she'll ever be is awkward. That awkward situation. Can she find love in a hopeless place?


2. Truth or Dare (part one)


Okay Marina get a grip on yourself.


What do you normally do when you’re around the male species?


I act like a fucking retard that’s what I do.


Maybe if I try and slip out of the room very quietly, the boys won’t even notice I’m gone. That sounds like a freaking good plan to me. The only problem is that I’m not exactly the most quiet walker, if I must say so myself. I remember when I was six they would call me elephant M because they said that they could hear my stomp from miles away. Marina the great ole elephant was my name. How pathetic, right?


You’d think that things would’ve changed, but they only worsened.


Okay, so here it goes. Here goes my sad attempt at trying to escape like the “spy” that I was destined to be. Cue in my music; I’m ready to go on a mission. Not.


Slip and slide, real smooth Marina. I’m thinking that maybe this could work, it’s not like most people haven’t ignored my presence before.


Here I am, stuck up against a white wall (to blend in you know) when I hear a loud chuckle. All that’s running through my mind right now is who turned off my music. I was so totally in the zone, and now the whole thing is ruined.


“Where do you think you’re going?” Harry asked in between chuckles.


“To the uh-I-uh-I was going to the bathroom” I said unsure of myself. To hell with the bathroom, I was going to lock myself in my room and pretend I don’t exist.


“So why are you pressed against the wall?” Niall inquired. Damn that sexy little leprechaun, his pot of gold could go right up my ass for all I care right now.


“I was uh playing sharks on my way there” I blurted out. Sharks? Really? “If I step onto the floor I drown, and uh-t-the sharks eat me. I really wouldn’t want to become shark dinner on the way to the bathroom,” I laughed nervously.


“Oh Mary, you crack me up” Zayn took a hold of my hand, and practically dragged me away from the wall.



I think they’re on to me… act natural Marina.


“So uh-I-um- so you’re not going to let me use the bathroom?” I squeaked.



Why did they have to be so, so, so… freaking mouth watering?

If it weren’t for them being so damn gorgeous I would’ve already went Bruce Lee on their ass. Now back to my embarrassment and me.


I’ll bet you any money that right now I look like a dog, with my tongue out, on a hot day.  I take that back actually. I really shouldn’t be betting money on my own self-humiliation because then I’d be one broke ass women.


I was waiting for Harry’s “homies” to leave; I didn’t want to risk bringing out the dark side of me. I know, sorry for using the word homies. It’s just that I’m actually part black and was destined to be a rapper (straight face). If you hadn’t noticed… I was being sarcastic.


I'm an awkward potato I guess. Sorry that I'm about that life and you're not. I just can't help it. Don't hate me cause you ain’t me. I wonder if any of those panty droppers are gay. They’re too hot to be gay though, right? Not that I’d mind if they were, but it just seems like they don’t like things from behind, if you know what I mean (creepy wink).


I need to stop being such a pervert. I sound like a damn creep sometimes. Not to mention the fact that when I go clubbing I look like a miniature prostitute who looks like she’s twelve. They should make clubbing for Marina illegal. I swear though, I’m not a pedophile. I mean there was this one time that I dated a sixteen year old, but I swear he looked twenty-five!! It wasn’t my fault that the kid over came his growth spurt at the age of 3.


Now that I think about it though, I’m not even so sure why I dated him. The poor kid had a mustache like Hitler, and he was kind of weird. Yup, I know, who am I to judge someone who’s weird.


I guess when you’re as sexually frustrated as me, you’re as desperate as they come. I must sound so pathetic right now, but at least I don’t lie about it.


“Uh-I think I’d better go now” I finally spoke up, and watched as they all averted their eyes back to me. “You don’t want me peeing on myself,” I said trying to escape once again.


“Not so fast” Zayn was quick to blurt out. “We want you to play truth or dare with us” Wow, they actually call it truth or dare. I thought it would be something like Dare or truth, and don’t ask me why I thought that… I just did okay!!


“I suck at that game-I-uh-I really do” I mumbled. “I-I-t would be totally lame with me in it”


“That’s ridiculous” Louis exasperated.


“I-uh don’t know how to play” I squeaked. Everybody in this damn universe knows how to play truth or dare. Even freaking ET, so I’m pretty sure that my lie sucks ass, and I’m playing whether I like it or not.


“We’ll teach you” Harry said kindly, and I think I just melted.


“I’m allergic” I tried once again.


“Who’s allergic to a game?” Niall raised his eyebrow at me.


“I am,” I muttered. “I mean-uh-I-uh you don’t want me to die do you?” I pleaded.


“Oh come, you are playing whether you like it or not” Damn it, I knew he would say that.


“Am I allowed to only pick truths?” I asked hopefully, but of course I knew that the answer was no.


“Well that would just be a game of truths” Harry answered. “And that wouldn’t be fun, now would it?”


Actually that sounds hella fun to me.


“Yes, I would say that that’s my kind of game”


“Come on Mimi” Louis grabbed a hold of my arm, and began dragging me to the living area.


Okay so these were the rules that they established.


Every time you refuse to answer a truth you have to take two shots, and when you refuse to do a dare you take one. The person who stands with the most dares and truths by the end will then get to dare the four of us (I know I’m loosing) to do an extreme dare. So not only will I be drunk off my ass by the time we’re through with this game, but I’m also going to be making a major fool out of myself.


As I said before, where is that brick wall when you need it?



I wonder if I could get them to kiss each other, that’d be kind of hot.


“There will be none of that” Harry said disgusted.


Oh shit hell marry… they heard what I said. Come on Marina; come up with a good cover up.


“I was just teasing you guys I laughed nervously. It’s time to put that P-P-P poker face on (Lady Gaga voice).


“Yea, sure you were” Niall cackled, and I shrunk into my seat.


Okay assholes prepare to get whipped. I stood sitting awkwardly between Zayn and Louis trying to escape only to have them pull me back every time. I’m not even a fun person so I don’t actually know why they’d want me around. Maybe they want me around just so they could laugh at me… yup that would make a lot of sense.


“So who wants to start?” Louis chirped.


“I will” Harry said confidently.


“Okay Harry, I dare you to go out of the balcony and pee onto the ground below” Louis smirked.


“But that’s too easy” Harry whined. Okay, so I’m not the only one who’s used to peeing in public? Yes! I guess there are others out there like me.


“Not so fast!” Louis shouted. I never knew a boy who shouted as much as him, not that I know a lot of boys. The only penis I’ve ever seen is my brother’s, and it’s when I used to have to change his diaper. Yup that’s right bitches, I’m a penis virgin. “Your balcony faces the pool, which means everyone is going to see your balls when you pee”


Is it wrong that I want to be one of those people?


If it is wrong… I really don’t care.


“Okay” Harry agreed way too quickly.


I swear these boys are really bizarre. I used to think that I was the only peculiar one out in this world, but I guess I was wrong.


Maybe I won’t have to stay a penis virgin for much longer.


“Penis virgin?” Zayn questioned with a raised brow.


Flippity fucking dippity doo, I’m always thinking shit aloud.


How do you suppose that I cover up this one?


I can’t just tell Olive that I’m a freaking virgin, and I’ve never seen an unrelated penis. If I dared say that to Zayn I would sound even more pathetic than I do already.


“Yea because you know, Harry’s a virgin, and he’s about to show his virgin penis to the pool people” I lied. There is no way in hell Harry’s a virgin; maybe a virgin up the ass.


“Oh okay” He shrugged.




That was a close one. Maybe I could dye my hair red, buy some green contacts, and change my name to Patricia; I’ve always wanted to be a Patricia. They would have no idea who I am, and maybe I could go on with life knowing that the “strange” girl they are referring to in their interview is not me.


I wonder if dying my hair red was also going to make me have super cool mermaid powers? You know, since Ariel’s hair is red and shit, and she’s pretty damn magical. Then again I think it was that fat old witch who had magic, Ariel just had a fin. Maybe this means that I could sing though.


“Part of your world!” I sang loudly forgetting that the boys were here.


Quicker than the change of these boy’s sexuality, all eyes were on me.


Damn I know I’m no Mariah Carey, but I didn’t know I was that bad. I guess I was wrong.


“Wow!” Niall gawked.


“Cool” Zayn chimed.


“Beautiful” Harry winked.


What the hell are these boy talking about. It could be that there is another girl behind me, so I turn around. Nope, there was not a girl behind me.


“You have a great voice,” Louis gasped. Okay, what kind of shit are they trying to pull on me?


“Uh thanks,” I muttered not believing a word they were saying. These boys are obviously lying to me.


“Okay so uh when is Harry going to show his peni- I mean pee in public?” I asked awkwardly because you know, that’s how I roll.


“Uh I guess we should get it over with”


Little did I know that Harry would not be the only one “suffering” humiliation?


I just hope I don’t have to show my vagina because I highly doubt that these boy’s are Vagina Virgins. Oh snap!!! VV (aka Vagina Virgin) I swear I’m beast at this kind of stuff.


Wait… I hope I didn’t say that aloud.


Just as Harry was about to get the deed done he comes to stand next to me.


“I hope you know that you’re next?” He whispers into my ear. “And trust me… I’m picking your dare”


And that’s how Marina died. Okay so I didn’t die, but I did possibly faint, slip into a coma, and got hit by a bus on my way back home. I’m just saying.


Marina + Truth or Dare + Sex gods = Disaster in the UK


I’m done with life.


To be continued


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