My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


1. Long time no see

What would you do If you found out your older brother who you hadn't seen in three years was living in the UK managing a new pop group?

Ollie seem to be in that position. With summer vacation starting and heading off to Uni this winter, Ollie's parents thought it would be nice for Ollie to visit her brother who had been living in the Uk for four years. 

Last time he visit was for Ollie's birthday which was cut short since his boss needed him back to work. Ollie and Raphael use to have the greatest brother and sister relationship until things got complicated when he got offered a job in a music company in london. 

And so Ollie's parents had her take the first plane to visit  her brother , so here she is getting off the plane now. She took off her shades and looked in the crowd of people her brother. " Ollie" someone said behind her, there was her brother all dressed up waving to her as everyone stared.

" stop waving people are looking" she murmured as she stood in front of him with her sunglasses on. Instead of stopping he grabbed her into a hug, she tried to get out of it but he was too strong."Raph stop it" raphael smiled at her and let her go.

" I missed you so much OlliePop" She rolled her eyes and her sunglasses back on. " well now that your here we are going to have the best time ever" he grabbed her luggages and headed out of the airport as she followed him. " can we grab some coffee" she asked him while we walked in the parking lot. " sure thing a vanilla latte?" she nodded, she was happy to see her brother again but she isn't going to let him off so easily him leaving meant she wasn't left alone at home everyday since her parents always work no one was around with her after Raph left. 

Raphael finally stopped in front of a white BMW as Ollie stood in shock. " who's car is that?" he handed her the keys as she held her breath. " I know things were difficult with me not being around and I'm sorry so I got you a little sorry present." she stood there in shock. " so your saying this is mine?" he nodded she yelled of joy and jumped up and down while doing a happy dance. 

" your amazing" 

she ran to the front of the car as Raphael put the luggage in the back an sat next to her. She started the car as Raphael guided her to their destination. " turn left" he said they then stops in front of a big house which resemble a little their house in Canada. " you live here alone?" she asked her brother who laughed and got out of the car. " no I do live with people " he took out the luggages and walked up the front porch to open the door. " wow" she murmured looking around, the place looked twice as big in the inside and there was an indoor pool near the living room. " this place is so amazing, is it yours?" 

he nodded putting the luggage near the stair case and took off his jacket. " you seem pretty tired how about you take a nap?" her brother showed her to her new room. Ollie was amazed the walls were dark purple/grey with white furniture there was even a balcony where we could sit down. "thank you this place is amazing." she hugged her brother and sat on her bed happily. 

" raph smiled at his little sister, he was glad of seeing her happy again. " I'll be gone for an hour or so to get stuff if you need anything let me know." he left her in her room as she got all cozy in her bed. Ollie started to have a dream its the same dream she's been having for weeks. She's lost and this young man would come to her rescue and reach out to her. Without hesitation she would take his hand and he would guide her out, she couldn't seem to figure who this boy was. 

Ollie woke up and looked at the clock it was already morning. She had slept like a baby but noticed she needed a good shower. She slowly got out of bed and grabbed her towel from her suitcase walking around in the hall way trying to find the bathroom.

" where's that darn bathroom" she murmured half  asleep, after walking to the end of the hallway she had found it and undressed quickly and hoped into the shower. A couple of minutes had passed and Ollie Was singing a song when someone walked into the bathroom. "

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you." she sang in the shower when someone joined in"Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you" Ollie then opened the shower to see a brown headed boy peeing in the bathroom an he looked at her, his eyes grew wider as she took there in shock. He pointed at her when she remember she was naked and yelled at the top of her lungs she quickly wrapped herself with her towel and got out of the shower. " who are you??"   the boy pulled his pants back up and laughed. "I'm sorry I should be asking you that question. " before Ollie could say more, Raphael and into the bathroom as Ollie ran to his side. " raph who the hell is this guy he walked in while  I was taking a shower." Raphael bursted in laughter and threw a hairbrush at the boy. " Harry didn't I tell you to knock before entering and seriously man dont you have a bathroom in your room?" the boy was rubbing the area on his forehead  that had turned red. " don't lecture me again it's zayns fault he's still in the bathroom. And I really needed to pee. And who is she?" he asked pointed at Ollie.   " I told you that my sister was coming to visit well this is Ollie and Ollie that over there is Harry one of the members of a popular group I manage." Ollie was a little confused since when did her brother manage a group? And how could a pervert like that boy be part of a popular group? " so she's going to be living here with us?" he asked while washing his hands. "oh wait he lives here with you?" Ollie said in a shock. " yeah he and his band mates live here with me. It's easier to keep track of them when we're under the same roof " Raphael explained to his sister. " you manage a band? Since when? No wait that's not the point this is ridiculous I don't want to live with this pervert" he said angrily heading out of the bathroom to her bedroom.    " give her time once I get her coffee she'll be in a good mood." raphael told Harry to smirked as he watched her storm out of the bathroom. " your sister is funny I think we will have a lot of fun with her around" Ollie got dressed in her jean shorts and denim top and tied her wet hair in a bun making her way to the kitchen where she spotted a blond headed boy who seemed to be making some pancakes. He looked at her and greeted her."hi! You must be Ollie right?" she nodded and took a seat near the counter. " and you are?" the boy was very cute and had the nicest smile she had ever seen.   " I'm Niall do you like pancakes?" she smiled and nodded and went over to his side. " wow your actually a pro at this. You should make some chocolate chip ones as well" she looked around for the chocolate when another boy joined them in the kitchen this one had brown hair and seemed quite cheerful. " why hello red headed girl, Niall who is this lovely girl?" Niall  handed the chocolate that he found to Ollie who poured it onto the pancakes. " it's Raph sister Ollie remember he told us his sister would be staying with us"   Niall explained to the boy who seemed to be distracted by the food.    " oh right right, Ollie how do you like your stay so far?" he asked her taking a bite of pancake she looked at him and smirked. " well I found out that I have to live with five random boys who I find quite annoying so how would you feel?" he laughed so hard he almost fell off his chair. " your a funny one" at that moment two other boys joined them in the kitchen. They both introduced themselves to Ollie, after talking for a few moments Ollie noticed they weren't as bad as she thought they were. They were actually regular polite boys who were also a growing pop boy band. " oh so you guys know Simon C?" she asked them as Zayn nodded. " yeah he's great and super lay back guy" Ollie was amazed since as really like Simon work.    " that's cool so what do you guys do for fun do you ever go out?" Niall sighed and sat next to her. " not that much wherever we go girls hunt us down so it's hard for us to go out and have fun" Ollie felt bad for them, all they really wanted to do was to go and have fun. Maybe she could help heathen out. Harry finally came down and noticed all the boys surrounding Ollie. " morning mates" he said grabbing some pancakes as he felt a cold stare he turned around to see Ollie staring at him angrily. " look I'm sorry seriously stop with the death glares" Harry reminded her of her ex  alot which just made her more angry not only was he arrogant like him but they looked so similar it was a little scary! " whatever" she mumbled under her breath and went back into her plate.    Raph finally joined them into the kitchen and took in front of his baby sister. " so I see you met the boys and it looks like you are all getting along well that's great so I hope you can all keep this up while I'm gone" she spitting out her orange jus on Louis face and stood up. " why? Where are you going?" she asked him crossing her arms together.    " to LA I need to go for a business trip of three weeks for the boys album release" he explained. She couldn't believe that she'd be stuck what these boys for three weeks. " and when do you have to go" zayn asked him. " right now" he replied showing then his luggage. " oh great" Ollie mumbled. Raph kissed his sisters forehead and smiled. " If there's any problem don't hesitate to call me, here's my number you can always contact and Dexter can show you around if you like" he added, dexter? Ollie wondered where she had heard that name before. Dexter was Raph best friend who had left with him to the Uk Ollie always like Dexter he was a great guy and quite handsome. She smiled and took the paper with her brothers number. As the boys and Ollie walked Raph to the door Dexter stood there waiting to drive him to the airport.    "Ollie!" he said happily hugging her she couldn't help but to blush. " hi Dexter" Harry watched this scene in disgust he couldn't believe how this cold girl could change quickly into a shy bug. " how have you been my you look so much cuter" she playfully slapped his shoulder and giggled. Raphael said his goodbyes and they drove off. "well then what do you guys want to do now?" Liam said walking the the gang who wants in the living room now.     " well we could go for a drive" zayn suggested. Ollie got off the sofa. " how about we go downtown I want to go sightseeing and since Dexter left I can't go with him" Niall shook his head like it was a bad idea. " there's no way remember crazy fans" Ollie then smiled evilly. " I've got a plan" she ran to her room and  took out some dresses that her mom packed and brought them for the boys. "oh no" Louis whispered staring at the dresses. " well have fun. I'm staying home" Harry said. Niall and Liam grabbed him and sat him down. " if we go down you go down with us." Ollie dressed the boys up and put some wigs and hats on them. After a good two hours the boys were all dolled up. " 


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