Miss Payne

*This is a Liam& One Of The Boys FanFic* I live my life not ever seeing my brother. He is never home and the fact that his friends and him are in a world know band called "One Direction" as you can tell, I don't like them but all the girls Love him.What will happen when Clara see her brother for the first time in two months and then falls for one of the members. Will she forgive her brother, Will something happen with her love for one of them, or will it all go down the drain. Find out and read.

This is my 2 Fanfic please no hate and read my first book Love its Nialler FanFic.


5. Still On The Plane :5

Chapter 5 : Still on the plane.

" Maybeeee" I say with a cheeky smile.

"Maybe huh?".

"Yes maybe".

I end I leaning on his shoulder.

 Zayne P.O.V.

I knew she was a liar when it come to that stuff and I knew she thought I was sexy,you could  see how she was looking at me. She is fit her self and I had met her once before. I think she might be falling for me and I think I might be falling for her. We get off the plane and go to our hotel. But guess who I'm sharing with? Clara yes Clara.

Mmmmmmm!!!!! She is yummy we might get together I said Might.


A/N Hey Guys! SO ..... How u like ? Well I want to say thank u to every one who reads this and I want to have a competition for * Drum Roll Please* A new charcter and just leave your name and your band meber you want to be with kk Love ya -Cheyanne

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