The Scorpions Nest

HRH Prince Harry is Kidnapped in Afghanistan, What would you do get him back, follow this exciting story through several countries, and High octane action in the quest to bring the monarch back alive


9. Afghanistan


9. Secret Al-Qaeda base


19.00 GMT/21.30 AFT


Prince Harry is pacing up and down, biting his nails, his room is relatively comfortable, not too distant from a travel motel style, but without the windows, TV, luxury bed etc. The key is heard clicking in the lock of his door, it swings open and in steps General Koronov, "I trust you slept well sir" he says.

"As well as can be expected when you are held captive with no information."

"Well please sit and allow me to enlighten you."

Harry sits down on the bed and the General sits slouched on a chair opposite him.

"Obviously you are a very valuable commodity to us, hence your seemingly plush surroundings, we are going to request that your country and the United States release every Afghan prisoner that they are currently holding without a trial or prosecution, you see I'm a fair man and I know if I asked for all Afghan prisoners to be released, this would never happen, some of them have caused terrible atrocities, but by asking all the ones you are holding on suspicion of crimes is a different story, I feel we could see these innocent people return."

"Why do you want Afghan people released, you're clearly not Afghan, I detect the Baltic twang of Russian or Moldovan maybe, none the less they will never release them, you are talking about probably hundreds of men and women, some of which have committed terrible crimes, we just lack the proof at this moment."

"I am indeed Russian, but I hate to see innocent people held for no reason for years on end, it’s almost inhumane, and I have to disagree, with you when you say they won’t release them, you see we have you, England's prized possession and I'm sure that they want you back whatever the cost. Also we will be releasing our demands to the worlds press, and I'm sure that when your public see our demands are for non convicted suspects to be released, effectively men and women that are still innocent, I think they might put pressure on your government to release these poor, helpless, defenceless, innocent people."

"I feel you overestimate the feeling towards terrorists in my country."

"We will see my prince, we will see, now I come to an unfortunate phase of our conversation."


"Ivan" shouts the general at the door, leaning back on his chair. The door swings open and in steps a giant of a man, over six foot tall, closer to seven foot and although he was wearing standard desert camouflage uniform, he did not look comfortable in it at all. The buttons on his shirt were screaming to be released from their tight constraints, he had a rustic unshaven look with barely a visible layer of hair on his shaven head, the sleeves on his shirt were rolled high, but were stretched to their limits neatly under his bicep, he looked as menacing a man Harry as had ever had the misfortune of meeting, and he feared meeting him was not going to be the only misfortune from this encounter.

"Yes unfortunately, that is for you" he said correcting himself, "We have to prepare you for your video, a sort of makeover I think you British call it, only there will be no makeup, I'm afraid Ivan here is going to have to rough you up a little before we film the video request, but don't worry he has been told to leave a few marks but not to damage you, I'm sorry this has to be done, but it's an unnecessary evil."

"What ever happened to you will come to no harm."

"He won't harm you, just leave some visible marks, I will see you soon sir", the general gets up and leaves the room, Harry looks up at the daunting figure in front of him, the soldier looks back grins a near toothless grin.

General Koronov is shouting orders at three of his men in a dimly lit room, there is a huge Afghanistan flag draped over one wall and in front of it are some cushions.

"Right get in your places, Tuurak go and get the Prince" as Tuurak leaves, the other two men pick up an AK-47 each and stand either side of the flag. The general walks to the door stepping over cables, car batteries and truck batteries, he stands behind a fairly modern video camera, as he bends down and peers through the viewfinder, the door opens behind him and in walks Tuurak and Ivan dragging Prince Harry with them.

The general breaks away from what he is doing to watch them enter, he stares at Ivan with rage filling in his eyes "What's this, what have you done?" he walks over and lifts the princes head, he is completely unconscious, with cuts and bruises to his face.

"I said rough him up a bit, I didn't say half kill him, how is he supposed to read our requests when he is unconscious?, Get out both of you." He signals to the two other soldiers to come pick the prince up and positions him on the cushions.

"Throw some water on his face."

The two soldiers lay the prince down on the cushion and one of them gets a metal canteen full of water, as he throws it over the prince, the prince wakes startled and bewildered, he looks around his new surroundings with confusion etched on his face.

"OK Prince Harry this is your moment, this is the moment that will determine the way the rest your life pans out, I have here for you a full and descriptive list of our demands, I want you to read them to the camera when we say so, I'm hoping to have your full cooperation, otherwise you are not as much use to us alive, if you get my meaning".

The prince reaches up and grabs the documents that are offered to him, he scans the pages.

"I thought this would be better than this considering your articulate grasp of my language!" he says.

"I spent three years at your Oxford University, where I was educated in your language both reading and writing that list is written in broken English for a reason, a reason of deception, you must never show all your cards on the first turn".

"Do you really think my government care if you were educated or not, you are just a terrorist to them, a man to be stopped."

"Don't be so naive sir, I will be returning to London before your release, and I will be speaking in the eloquent language I have been taught by your universities, and because of this I will not be arousing suspicion."

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