Stole my Heart - A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction

Summer's twin brother Liam is coming home for the summer holidays and his band mates come to stay with him. Romance buds between summer and Zayn, but could one person come between them?


6. :D


Summers pov

I wake up and find my parents in the kitchen. They must have gotten back last night. "mum! Dad! Your back!" I say running up to give them a hug. "hey, were you alright by yourself?" asks mum. "yes, everything was fine it was only 3 weeks, Liam got here safely with his friends"I reply. "wonderful! Now I will make waffles for everyone" she says and shoo's me out the room. I go sit in the lounge and everyone soon joins me, Zayns the last to come in "morning gorgeous" he says kissing my forehead and sitting down next to me."let's go shopping today and have a girls day"says steph to Sammy and I. "yeah, sounds fun" I say then dad calls us for breakfast. I sit across from Zayn since my parents don't know that he's my boyfriend, I will tell them but not yet i don't think. "so what are you guys doing today?" dad asks. "summer, steph and I are going shopping"says Sammy. The boys all look at each other and Liam says "we are going to play playstation all day". "ok, well your father and I have to go into work, and will probably be there till late, just order pizza or something for dinner k?" says mum. "okay" Liam replies. Zayn and I start playing footsies under the table and I accidentally slip out a giggle. "what's funny?"asks Niall. "nothing!" I say looking at Zayn, he winks and smiles at me. I smile back.

My parents leave after about an hour. Sam steph and I get ready, and before I leave I find Zayn. "hey babe" he says pulling me into a hug. "hey" I reply snuggling into him. "i'l miss you" he says and I giggle "Zayn, I'm only going to be Gone a few hours! I'l see you when I get back" I say standing on my toes trying to reach his lips, I finally reach them, I can feel Zayns mouth smiling on mine, the kiss soon deepens and I can feel sparks flying. "i'l see you later" I say giving him one last kiss, then walking to meet the girls at my car.


We arrive at the mall, and we Start trying things on. "so Sammy how's my brother?" I ask from inside the changing room. I pull on some high waisted mini shorts. They look pretty good so I add them to my buying pile. "great! He so sweet and such a great kisser!" she replys dreamily. "uh too much information Sammy! I don't need to know if my brother is a good kisser or not!" I say, and steph laughs. "sorry! It's just I really like him, it seems unreal but it's real, I'm awake " Says Sam. "well I'm glad your happy Sammy! And how are you and Harry steph?" I ask. "amazing, he's so sweet, I like him 

So much" replies steph. "how about you and Zayn? You guys are so cute!" says Sammy. I smile thinking about Zayn "great, I'm just so glad that he likes me back, he makes me happy" I reply. "yay we are all happy, and have amazing boyfriends! " says Sam. Steph and I agree. We walk around the shops for a few more hours until we're tired then we decide to go to nandos and bring everyone home dinner.  

When we open the door all you can hear is the tv blearing. I walk into the lounge and find them playing playstation, they look Like little kids but it's cute. A giggle slips out of my mouth, "your back!!" they all yell. Zayn comes running then picks me up and spins me around whilst planting a kiss on my lips. I laugh, "Zayn, I was only gone for like 5 hours!" I say still laughing. "yeah but I still missed you" he replies and I see a blush creeping onto his cheeks, I smile "aw I missed you too!"I reply and hug him.  

We all watch a movie then head off to bed.

I wake up in the middle of the night, I can't sleep I told the boys not to put that scary movie on! I walk through the hall way and bump into someone, they make a 'ompf' noise. Wips. "sorry, I didn't know anyone was there!?" I whisper. "it's okay sum" replies Zayn. I hug him, and lead him into the lounge. "why are you awake?" Zayn whispers concerned. "oh uh- I blush and try to hide it even tho he can't see me in the dark- I got scared because of the movie" I say shyly. He holds my face softly in his hands and says " don't worry i'l protect you" I giggle and he kisses me, I tug his shirt and pull him towards the couch, I fall on top of him, and he kisses me passionately, I run my fingers through his hair and kiss Zayn harder, I softly bit his lower lip teasingly, and try to pull his shirt off. He realizes and pulls it off himself, he trails tiny kisses down my neck and I shiver. Suddenly the lights flicker on...

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