Harry Styles FanFic (Not Famous)

I don't really have a set plot. I just go along with what I already have so please comment/like/favorite. :-)


2. The Dance

Brenda's P-O-V

I am at Harry's house right now just hanging out. Mel is at her friend, Gabi's, house and my dad is out of town for a few weeks meaning we have the house to ourselves. Harry and I just started watching The Vow when my phone started vibrating. I looked and saw a text from my sister.

Text from Mel: Hey Bree, there's some pretty graphic things going around about Harry and Gabi being together. Might want to check it out.

Reply: What are you talking about?

Text from Mel: I think Harry's cheating on you Bree.

Mel never lied to me. Never. This was very shocking knowing that Gabi and Harry have been spending some time together. I look up and Harry and when he goes in to kiss me, I jump off the couch and run upstairs to his room. I locked the door behind me and walked towards his bed. The radio on his bedside table is playing 'Bubbly' by Colbie Callet which makes me start crying. I slam myself on his bed and shove my head in my hands. A knock came loud against the door.

"Babe, open this door! What's wrong?"

"Go away."

The door opens. Wow, I'm stupid. I forgot Harry has a key on the top of the door frame because his sister Gemma would always lock herself in his room. He walked over to me and knelt in front of me causing me to turn my head in the other direction while looking down at my phone. A tear escaped from my eye and rolled down my cheek. I couldn't even look at Harry right now. 

Harry's P-O-V

I went to look at her and she turned away and began to cry. What happened? Once she turned around, I stood up.

"Babe, please talk to me. What happened?"

One thing I noticed was that she kept looking at her phone. I grabbed it from her hands and she gave me a weird look, but didn't try to get it back. I saw that a conversation with her sister was already opened on her phone. I began to read the texts and couldn't believe what I was reading.

"Bree, you know this isn't true."

"I want to believe that Harry, but-"

"Are you honestly believeing that I cheated on you?"

"I-I don't know. Mel has never lied to me before and you have been spending a lot of time with Gabi. What am I supposed to think?"

I knelt down in front of her again only this time grabbing her hands and squeezing them reassuringly.

"Babe", I whispered and she looked into my eyes. Hey icy, blue eyes were watery and cold looking. I hated seeing her like this.

"I would never cheat on you and you know that. I love you and only you."

"I know Harry. I'm sorry I even thought you cheated on me."


I pulled her up and walked towards the radio and turned it up. 'She Will Be Loved' by Maroon 5 began to play.

"What are you doing Harry?"

"We're going to dance."

"Harry you know I can't dance."

"Just c'mom!"

A huge smile appeared on her face and I pulled her to center of the room and grabbed her waist. She wrapped her arms around my neck and stepped closer to me.

Brenda's P-O-V

I knew Harry would never hurt me like that. I felt really guilty for believing that he would.

Harry stood me up and pulled me over towards the radio. He turned it up and faced me.

"What are you doing Harry?"

"We're going to dance."

"Harry you know I can't dance."

"Just c'mon."

He pulled me towards the center of the room and wrapped his arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck as a huge smile grew on both of our faces. I stepped closer to him and he leaned down towards my face. Our faces were inches away from eachother for only a few seconds before Harry left a long, soft kiss on my lips leaving me wanting more. When he pulled away I just laid my head on his chest and whispered,

"I'm sorry."

"It's ok baby."

He rubbed my back and we stood there rocking back and forth in eachothers arms until Mel walked into the room.

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