Elyrian Memories

3 years have gone by since our heroine Princess Katherine Renard, her childhood friend Prince Matthew Lowell, along with other nobles, took part of the Revolutionary War.

Now, they have to overcome an issue that will divide them. Matthew, afraid of Sienna being hurt, he sends her to the neighboring kingdom called Elyria. In there she will find a "second chance" and find out more about this legacy that she carries in her veins.


1. ~Your duty, Sienna~

Sienna, casually, was sitting under a tree with Leonardo. They were talking about what they did when they were little and not knowing what was yet to happen. Leon sees them and joins the conversation. Suddenly a messenger came from Iselia to tell them to meet up with Forde at Raleigh. An important meeting was going to take place. Leon and Leonardo saw Sienna leave Jerendarien with Evangeline. When they arrived, the place was a disaster. People were talking at the same time about an issue that was affecting the whole continent. When Forde approached the room, everyone quieted down. He continued walking, sat down on a chair and talked.

“Now that everyone calmed down, and all came to this meeting, I want to talk to you about an issue that is taking place in our beloved continent of Afaeld and its making our nations divide and fall. It’s about us, Humans, Usulians, and this race that was recently found, the Sirenians. In the last month, I received complaints from some villagers saying that there are some skirmishes taking place around my area, from the Usulian tribes. Katherine has reported the same through a letter 3 weeks ago, Minerva doesn’t know what to do about this and Evangeline isn’t the exception. So my question is: What is going on? I asked Gabriel about this but he doesn’t know either. I am having my doubts about this. I can’t picture the fact that he doesn’t know about this. Maybe some of these Usulians that are leading these revolts are rogues and the Sirenians probably are behind this. But the question in here is: At what are they rebelling?” Forde said.
“Do you think it’s the repositioning of the regions?” Grey asked.
“I don’t think so. The Usulians were benefitted in this repositioning. Dastan left a will saying that if Jerendarien was repositioned, to place it bordering the seas. But since we couldn’t, we placed the region of Jerendarien by the Sirenian forest.” Kate answered.
“So Forde, what do you think we should do about this? Should some of us go and talk with Gabriel about these skirmishes?” Matthew asked.
“I don’t’ think we should that, for now. He’ll feel very pushed and somewhat offended with our intrusion inside his country and ask him something that he might not have to do with.” Alex said.
“We need proof…” Sienna said.

Everyone looked at her direction. Sienna was getting nervous.

Leopold noticed Sienna and asked, “What did you say, Lady Sienna?”
Sienna sighed, “I said that we should…Nothing. Never mind. I didn’t say anything.”
“Don’t be shy. You can say anything to solve this issue that is taking place. No one is going to say that you’re wrong” Leon assured Sienna.

She felt some courage with those words so she said: “I said that we need more proof. He wouldn’t break a contract that he made 3 years ago. Remember the conditions he had to meet? If he attacked any country for an unjustified reason, he will be overthrown from his kingdom. How to get proof? Let’s try him for a short amount of time. A 30-day period would be fine. If something major happens in that period of time, we take action and talk to him about it.” Sienna said.
“That’s a good solution about this problem” Katherine said.
“Impressive! Expected from you, Sienna.” Grey said.
“Good argument, Sienna. So let’s do what she says. We try Gabriel for 30 days. If something major happens we talk this over with him and problem solved.” Hadrian said.
“Okay, this meeting is done. Dismiss.” Forde said.

Everyone was starting to get out of the room. Sienna was sitting up from her chair but Matthew stopped her.
“What’s wrong, Matthew?” Sienna asked as she was starting to adjust her coat.
“I want to talk to you about something that Katherine and I would like you to do.” Matthew said with an air of seriousness.
“What is it?” Sienna asked.
“Remember the letter that Katherine received from the neighboring continent of Elyria?” Matthew asked.
“Yes?” Sienna replied, but somewhat confused for not knowing what Matthew wanted to say.
“Well, I would like you to go instead of Katherine.” Matthew admitted.
“She can’t go herself?” Sienna asked.
“Yeah, she will take care of this issue between us humans and Usulians and Sirenians. I want you to aid them because in Elyria, the person who sent Katherine the letter is a close family friend. She wants to go but she can’t because of this issue.” Matthew said.
“I only know that she received the letter. What did the letter say?” Sienna replied.
“The continent is going through what were through 3 years ago. Katherine has been asked to aid them, but remember that we couldn’t because Katherine was gravely injured and you were in charge of everything along with other nobles. She couldn’t aid them because this close family friend has a son. His son was barely 15. He had to be, at least, 16 to be able to travel.” Matthew said, gravely.
“Can I ask what the name of this guy?” Sienna asked.
“His name is…Dastan.” Matthew answered.
“…That’s his name? Wow…that brings sad memories…” Sienna murmured.
“Yeah, I knew that was going to be your reaction but, yeah, that’s his name.” Matthew answered, scratching his head.
“What should I do to recognize him and when he doesn’t recognizes me?” Sienna asked.
“His physical characteristics are: Olive-haired, grey-eyed, thin, he’s taller than you and has a companion. Matthew described.
“That description is very vague! What should I do? What do I have to do in there?” Sienna inquired.
“You will immediately recognize him, sort of. You have to go there, look for them and help them restore 7 gems. Those gems have magic powers. If a corrupt being uses it, destruction will befall on the whole continent. So that’s why we need you to help them. You will be able to lead them if they get lost in the way. You are an excellent strategist. We count on you. You’ll leave in 2 days at dusk. Pack your stuff and meet me—-” Matthew said.
“Give me more time. I haven’t yet decided to go.” Sienna cut him off already feeling moody, for no apparent reason.
“Okay…tell me as soon as possible.” Matthew responded.
“Okay, till then.” Sienna said leaving the room.
Sienna left. Matthew leaves the place but Forde stops him. “Why are you making Sienna go there?” Forde asks.

“You overheard what we talked about?” Matthew asked.
“Answer my question.” Forde snapped.
“Why do you ask?” Matthew asked.
“She is my best friend, remember? Why are you sending her to Elyria?” Forde asked.
”I don’t want Sienna to be hurt in here. Ever since Dastan died, I cared for her as much as you would imagine. I don’t want her to face the same fate as Dastan did. I have the slight feeling that Gabriel is behind all of this, but we will do what she said.” Matthew assured.
“And you think that sending her to the unknown will save her from her fate?” Forde asked.
“I don’t want any flashbacks from Dastan affect her. You might see that she smiles every day, but she is agonizing from her insides not being able to prevent that death. She blames herself for it.” Matthew justified himself with that answer.
“I can see your point of view. What about Leon, Bastian and Leonardo? Sienna won’t say anything about it. Maybe she will, but doesn’t know much of the details, and maybe in this journey she will think about Dastan every time she hears his name, now that you mentioned that the guy she has to help at Elyria has his name. Didn’t you see her moody expression when she asked for more time to decide?” Forde said and inquired, wanting to make Matthew change his mind.
“I must leave. See you later, Forde.” Matthew replied, somewhat coldly and annoyed.

Matthew left the place and Forde was left alone in that room. Forde thought about Matthew said earlier.

“Maybe if Sienna leaves, it will be the best thing that we all can do. I can see Matthew’s worry about her, but sending her to the unknown and possibly peril in there, I can’t afford losing another friend…Dastan, if you can hear me, please take care of her.” Forde thought.

Sienna arrived at her estate, greeted by some maids and her brother, Leon; and friend, Leonardo.

“How was the meeting? Was it tiresome?” Leon asked.
“Quite, thanks for asking.” Sienna replied.
“What’s wrong Sienna? You seem worried.” Leonardo remarked.
“The topic we talked about at the meeting was the fact that we may go for another war…” Sienna said, gravely.
“What! But we have just gotten on our feet during these hard years.” Leon protested.
“I know and apparently Matthew wants me out of this.” Sienna added.
“What?” Leon and Leonardo asked, astonished to such revelation.
“Well, not exactly out of this issue but he wants me travel to a nearby continent called Elyria. Its inhabitants are going through what we went through 3 years ago and he wants me to help.” Sienna commented.
“Why doesn’t he sends someone else?” Leonardo asked.
“That’s what I can’t keep thinking about.” Sienna answered.
“Sienna. Just sleep okay? You’ve been tired with all the paperwork and advices you give to Evangeline. Shouldn’t she be doing this stuff instead of you?” Leon sulked.
“It’s not like I do all of her work, she does her share. We have been trying to restore the library that existed in here. Trying to look for answers.” Sienna said.
“Answers like?” Leonardo inquired.
“Answers to what the Light Maidens are exactly. Are they saviors of Afaeld when this land was dominated by evil creatures or the ones who cursed this place along with 4 powerful families, including mine?” Sienna replied.
“Oh, I see…” Leonardo said.
“You should really go and rest.” Leon said.
“Okay. Good night to you two.” Siennan replied.
“Goodnight, Sienna.” Leon and Leonardo answered.

As Sienna was accommodating herself on the bed, she thought thoroughly what Matthew said. She quickly fell asleep. In her dream, she found herself in a what seemed like a castle garden and in it, saw a woman dressed in white near a spring. She had this long white, silky hair flowing. It looked beautiful on her. The mysterious woman showed herself and had golden eyes, she smiled at Sienna and then everything blacked out. A female voice resonated in her mind that said:

“Go to Elyria, you must help these people who are asking for your support and in exchange you will find answers.”
Sienna woke up that morning and led that warning slide. She continued with her duties as Evangeline’s counselor and kept going on her research. As she was trying to compare some textbooks she found in during her stay in Talis, she remembered the vivid image of that woman that seemed familiar to her and the words that were in her dream. She only shrugged it off and kept on deciphering the books. This continued on for a week until one night, she went to sleep rather late that night and besides seeing that woman, she saw Dastan. He appeared to be wearing a white suit that made her embarrassed because he looked handsome in it. He came close and caressed her cheek, wiping her tears.

“I miss you.” Sienna replied.
“I know you do.” Dastan replied.
“I feel alone.” Sienna said, as new tears were rolling down her cheeks
“I know that. But now it’s time that we change that.” Dastan said.
“What do you mean? You can’t come back alive. It’s impossible, not even the best sage can do that. We would have to give something up.” Sienna reasoned.
“I know that, but you won’t be alone anymore. I don’t like seeing you sad, Sienna. I’m sorry I had to leave so soon and not fulfill my part of our oath, but I’m sure that you are trying your best to do it.” Dastan replied.
“Dastan…” Sienna whispered.
“Don’t worry. I’ll help you on the quest Matthew asked you to do.” Dastan said, smiling.
“Dastan…are you happy?” Sienna asked.
“What?” Dastan asked, confused.
“Are you happy being here?” Sienna repeated.
“I am regretting the fact that I’m not here with you. But I am reunited here with my parents.” Dastan replied.
“Dastan, if you are happy being here, then I am too.” Sienna replied, as her tears were descending upon her cheeks; but yet smiling.

She touched his hand, looked at him and smiled at him. He smiled back and transmitted the same message that she was hearing for days, except that it was more like a command than a suggestion. He said:

“Go to Elyria, you must help these people who are asking for your support and in exchange you will find answers. You don’t have much time. Go to Matthew’s throne room and tell him you’ll go. Do it tomorrow first thing in the morning.”
When she woke up, she couldn’t believe it. Dastan was there, he looked happy. She was glad that she dreamed with him after these long and hard years of coping with his death. Maybe she could accept his leave now.

“Dastan? Why was Dastan telling me that? But if you say that, I will do what you say.” She thought.

She obeyed and hurriedly asked for any carriage available and went to Arcadia. When she arrived. Matthew was in the middle of a talk with Leonardo. What was he doing here? Both Leonardo and Matthew were surprised seeing her.

“Sienna, what brings you here?” Matthew asked.
“Matthew, I’ll go. I feel I have to go there, supporting you going there.” Sienna replied.
“Supporting us? Going where?” Matthew asked.
“Elyria. I will go to Elyria.” Sienna replied.
“Oh, Elyria?”  Matthew asked.
“Yes, I will help that land reach its days of glory that were forgotten over time.” Sienna replied, determined.
“Why the sudden change of heart?” Matthew asked.
“I just…felt like doing it.” Sienna lied, she couldn’t tell him that Dastan said that to her.
“Alright, in two days you’ll part. Have everything ready and at dawn, go to the Sirenian forest.” Matthew said.
“Oh, Sienna, before you go, please wait outside. I will go back to Jerendarien with you.” Leonardo said.

Sienna leaves the room and waits outside for Leonardo.
“I guess she made up her mind, Leonardo. You will not longer go to Elyria.” Matthew said.
“I realized that.” Leonardo replied.
“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine.” Matthew said.
“Matthew, what you are doing is reckless. What triggered the fact that you should send Sienna over there. Forde expressed worry. What’s in Elyria that she must go and see?” Leonardo asked.
“I had a dream with Dastan. He told me to send Sienna to Elyria, so she could continue with the research of the ‘Four Light Maidens’ and get a ‘second chance’.” Matthew explained.
“A second chance?” Leonardo asked.
“That’s what I am wondering. If Dastan really told me that in the dream, then she has to do something in there.” Matthew reasoned.
“Okay, I am leaving. Thank you, Matthew.” Leonardo answered.

Sienna and Leonardo go back to their estate and rest in there, then she goes to pack her stuff. The day came. Leon walks in the room and sees her packing her stuff and saw Leonardo, helping her. Sienna was packing some potions, tomes, and herbs and hides a dagger inside her skirt, gets and sheathes her sword and goes outside with Leon and Leonardo.

“Are you ready to leave?” Leon inquired.
“Yeah.” Sienna said.
“Let’s go.” Leonardo replied.

They left that place and went to Sirenian Forest to meet up with Matthew. Sienna noticed that Katherine was there! Matthew takes a step forward and said:

“I already briefed you about what you have to do. I hope that you get there safely and take this dagger in case you need it.” Matthew said.
“Take this bracelet. It is made entirely of silver and it was bathed with pure water from the mountains of Arcadia. It is said to bring luck if you have a bracelet or an object bathed with those waters.” Kate said.
“Sienna, Katherine told me, this is going to be an arduous journey, so I will give you a blanket for the cold nights.” Siegfried said.
“Sienna, here’s a letter describing that you are Katherine’s representative. They will believe it is you. Trust me.” Ky said.
“I hope that you have a good journey and good luck for you will need it. Oh also, I am going to give you a new diary. The other one that I gave you is staring to run out of pages, right? Take this one.” Minerva said.
“Thanks, Minerva.” Sienna said.
“Sienna, come with me.” Katherine said.

Katherine took Sienna away from the group.

“Sienna, I am glad that you will go to Elyria. You are taking a decision that I should be taking myself. I appreciate it. My closest family friend will thank you for this. By the way, here’s a gift for you. This is an Elixir. This elixir is a very special potion. It can heal the most dangerous wound. Use it well; and this other thing is a potion. Use it when you are in the utmost danger. Also, don’t forget to write letters.” Katherine said.
“Yes, I will write back. Thank you, Katherine.” Sienna said.
“Katherine?” Sienna asked.
“Yes?” Katherine replied.
“Are we really going into a war?” Sienna asked, downhearted.
“Only time will tell, Sienna. We will do what you said back in the meeting and let’s hope that none of them will start a war.” Katherine assured.
“If you do, please brief me about it. I will grow worried.” Sienna requested.
“…Okay, I will.” Katherine hid the lie with a smile.

Both women incorporated the group. Serene and Katherine tried to open the portal. They could only keep it open for a short amount of time because Katherine’s and Serene’s magic powers are unstable. Sienna had an emotive goodbye. She tried to be strong but she couldn’t. She broke into tears and hugged Leonardo. As she entered the portal, she waved goodbye fighting back tears. The rest waved goodbye, too. The portal closed itself. Katherine and Serene were exhausted so they were nursed by Matthew and Siegfried to keep them standing.

“Let’s just hope that Sienna gets out of there safely.” Leonardo said.
“Yeah…Godspeed, Sienna.” Leon said.

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