♫ Life's Melody {1D Edition} ♫

Melody May Millington is a music geek. She's not drop dead gorgeous (at least she doesn't think so), not a member of the cheer squad (she's way too uncoordinated), and never won Prom Queen (not that she went to Prom-- she didn't get invited). She has a past that no one knows. She's always in the background, and doesn't mind it, at all.
Until she meets the wonder that is One Direction.
Will love blossom, or is it all about the music for Melody?
And what about when a jealous best friend enters the picture?
Friendships will be strained, relationships will be tested, and the truth will be revealed.
Read about it all in "Life's Melody {1D Edition}".


1. ♪ Introduction ♪

The name’s Melody. Melody May Millington, to be precise. Lame, I know. Blame my parents. I would, if they were still around, that is. My father died when I was just a measly 4 years of age, and my mother… Enough about my dismal past; I’m all for the present now. At 17 years old, I stand at around 5’5. My hair is a wavy, dark-brown, mess that hangs just past my breasts, and my eyes are a bright blue/green mixture, though they’re not as interesting as they sound. I guess it’s fortunate that I have my glasses to cover them up though, right? Wrong. I learned a long time ago to appreciate the endowment that is contacts. Oh who the actual heck am I kidding? We all know that I refuse to wear contacts; therefore, I am currently donning a pair of ‘glamorous’ glasses. Please, note my sarcasm on the word glamorous. You see, I don’t really care about my looks; it’s just not in me to do so. I’m comfortable in large sweatshirts with my hair in a ponytail, curled wisps resting on my face, as it is now. I rather prefer it, in all honesty. When you spend all day locked inside rehearsing your harmonies or perfecting the correct notes, you don’t need a mini-skirt or ankle-breaking heels. You just need sheet music and an instrument of your choice, whether it be vocals or piano, both of which I enjoy. My brother, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Brandon, who is 23 (and my legal guardian), is a ladies man—a charmer; probably due to his stunning looks, which I lack— and absolutely tone death. He can’t a hold a tune to save his life, although he is a mean soccer player. He knows how to handle his balls. Trust me.

Oh god, that came out so wrong. I take that back; I take that all back. Let’s pretend that those last two sentences never came out of my mouth. Get it? Got it? Good. Splendid way to end an introduction, I’m sure.

And just like that, the awkward and socially inept Melody that everyone knows and loves (not really; I’m unknown and unloved— I’ve never had a boyfriend in my life. I’m a failure in the dating department, don’t rub it in) returns with a vengeance.


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