Niall Horan Love Story- Opposite Sides Of The World

Nicole starts her OE in England and on her first night she meets Nate a cute blonde Irish student who she hits it off with. Little does she know that he is actaully Niall from One Direction. How will she react to the fact that he has been lying to her? Will she still want to see him? Will he break her heart?


1. Prologue- The Day We Met

Prologue- The Day We Met

Third Person

She sat alone at Craic Pub, the small Irish pub situated in the heart of London it was the blonde 19 year olds first night in England having stepped off the plane just hours earlier. She had a look of sadness in her eyes, the kind of look one gets after being heartbroken. Nicole had decided just 2 months earlier that she had to get away from everything, 3 months in a foreign country where nobody knew who she was.

Nicole’s POV

“Rum and coke please, wait you do have that here right?” I enquired. The bartender smiled at me, “yeah of course we do babe”, he is cute with a gorgeous Irish accent but he seems distracted by a pretty brunette who appears to be his girlfriend. That train of the thought however was derailed by another Irish accent which belonged to a cute blonde boy, who ordered a beer and slid into the chair next to me. The blonde boy reminded me of someone although I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, it really didn’t matter anyway because he was cute, too cute to even look twice at a girl like me. I’m not saying I’m ugly but I’m plain, ordinary the kind of girl no one looks twice at, I have long blonde hair with pink dip dyed ends, blue eyes and a curvy figure. The bartender handed both of us our drinks and headed back to continue a conversation with the brunette. Someone tapped me on the shoulder I turned, the blonde boy snickered “I’m surprised he even realised we were here” “I know right that girls got him wrapped around her little finger”, I giggled, “I’m Nicole what’s your name?”

“I’m umm …. Nate”, the blonde boy seemed unsure

“Are you not sure of your name??” I said

“Of course I am“

“Are you sure? You sounded all confused” I teased

He turned to me and smiled, he had a great smile actually and it went well with his gorgeous blue eyes.

I had barely arrived in England, the last thing I need is a giant crush on someone, I barely got over the last crush I had and it was one of the reasons I had to leave for my OE, 3 months away from my classmates, friends and family was just what I needed. I had come to England on a work visa and was about to start my job waitressing during the day and bar tending at night. I was too busy to have someone else to think about.

Niall’s/ Nate’s POV

Today had been a long day in the recording studio with the lads and I have been feeling rather home sick lately so I headed to my favourite Irish pub, hearing some familiar accents always makes me feel back at home. I arrived in time to see a pretty young blonde girl ordering a drink and appeared to be sitting alone at the bar. I sat down in the seat beside her figuring two people alone may as well have company. She asked me my name and I had to make a quick decision to not tell her my real name. Ever since One Direction had been on X Factor it had been hard to have a normal conversation with, well anyone and she didn’t seem to recognise me.  I realised that she had a foreign accent that I didn’t quite recognise.

“What do you do?” my question appeared to startled her, because she almost leapt out of her chair

“Oh are you talking to me”

“Yeah of course I am who else would I be talking to?” I took a sip of my beer

“I figured you had friends here, I’m about to start my second year of training to be a chef, what about you?” Wow talk about my perfect girl, someone who can cook and cook well.  

“Um, I’m a student studying music” she smiled at me “that sounds interesting, do you play an instrument?”

I guess I can be honest from this point on she doesn’t seem to recognise me at all, finally a real conversation that doesn’t begin with ‘aren’t you in One Direction’ and end with a photo and autograph.

“Yeah I play guitar”

“Oh really my brother plays the guitar to, I don’t play an instrument I’m afraid but I’ve always wanted to learn one, I’m sorry I’m rambling”

 “Don’t worry it’s kinda cute, so where are you from?”

 “Oh sorry, silly me I’m still a little jetlagged from my flight, I’m from New Zealand it’s this little country near Australia most people don’t even know where it is but we do have the All Blacks so I guess that’s something British and Irish people know about, oh and we’re part of the commonwealth, your queen is our queen” She stopped and gasped “I am so sorry I guess I kinda ramble a little when I’m nervous” She stopped and took a drink and looked into her lap.

“Ha-ha I know where New Zealand is babe, I’ve actually been there”

She grinned “Really which parts did you go to, I bet you didn’t go to the South Island, most people don’t they go mostly to the North Island, Auckland etc.”

“Yeah we just went to Auckland and Wellington”

“We? Did you go with your family?”

“Yeah something like that”

Nicole’s POV

OMG I am such an embarrassment, I had managed to completely humiliate myself within 5 minutes of meeting this hot guy. He was laughing at me, he was a nice guy and I keep rambling like a freaking maniac. I need to go die in a hole now so I think I will just excuse myself.

“I should get going I have an early start in the morning”

“Oh really do you have to leave so soon, I am really enjoying our chat” he said

“Sorry but I really do have to go I have a long walk ahead of me”

“You’re walking home in London that isn’t safe at least let me give you a ride”

I grinned “yes because accepting a lift from a strange guy in a pub sounds way safer”

“Ha-ha I guess you have a point but you can trust me”

“I’m pretty sure that’s what every serial killer says but I reckon I could take you so ok I will let you give me a ride home”

“You think you could take me”

“Yeah I would kick your ass”

Nate/ Niall’s POV

We stood outside as my car pulled up beside us

“After you mi lady”

“What this is yours”

“Yeah it is”

“Whoa” she looked impressed

After a ten minute car ride we pulled up at a rather dingy looking flat, she got out and we pulled away. It was only when I got home that I realised she had left her phone on the seat, I was going to tell the driver to turn around but I figure I would have an excuse to see her again tomorrow. I headed to my flat; I just couldn’t quite get that quirky girl from New Zealand off my mind.


Ok so let me know what you think and if you have an recommendations for characters so







LOVE Courtney xx


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