I'll Never Let You Go

Samantha “Sam” and her friends have just graduated from high school and they are spending the summer in London for the summer. Everything seems to be going well until she learns that her boyfriend is cheating on her. But when she tries to break up with him he refuses and threatens her to stay with him by abusing her. What will happen when Louis Tomlinson, from her favorite band One Direction comes and saves her? She develops to have feelings for him but she doesn't know if he really feels the same way. But is she really safe from danger? Read more to find out... I dare you.


1. London Here We Come

Sam's POV


I glanced over my new beach themed room after putting the finishing touches on it. I sat down on my turquoise colored bedspread with pink hibiscuses all over it. I stared up at the posters I had just hung up of my favorite band One Direction on my sky blue walls. My best friends and I love them and their music. They are so adorable and extremely hot, all of them. But I had a slightly bigger crush on Louis. 

"Sam, dinner's ready." called one of my friends.

My name is Samantha Heart, but everyone calls me Sam. I am an average eighteen year old American from California and my friends and I have just graduated from high school.  We decided that before we go our separate ways we would spend the summer together in London and rent a house. Everyone else seemed to know what they were going to do with their futures except for me. I would probably just end up going to some college back in America, nothing exciting. Anyways, we have been in England for close to three weeks now. We've always wanted to visit here for a while but I think one of the main reasons we chose this place was because One Direction live here.

So now I'd like to tell you a little bit about my friends. First there's Rosie, who loves Liam. She even has a very similar personality to him, shy, smart, funny, etc. She has beautiful blonde hair that isn't that long and is usually put up in a ponytail and she has sparkling hazel eyes.

Then we have Natalie, who I have been BFFs with since we were toddlers and who I feel the closest to. We can literally tell each other anything and everything (not that we don't do the same with the rest of the girls). Natalie is a loud and outgoing person. She is very smart and sweet but can be so oblivious to certain things sometimes but that's why we love her.  She has long golden brown wavy hair that falls down to her mid back and she has deep brown eyes. She likes Harry the most.

Bella is the youngest out of all of us. She is extremely caring and will cheer any of us up when we are down. She also gives great advice, just a tip if you ever have a problem and need someone's opinion. She also has gorgeous blond hair but unlike Rosie hers is curly and long and she has bright ocean blue eyes. She has a major crush on Niall.

Last but not least is Scarlett. She stands out from the rest of us because she is a red head and the tallest of our group. She has eyes the color of emeralds and her favorite 1D member is Zayn. She is the most confident girl I've ever met. She stands up for herself and others, she is never likes to back down from a fight, and she is never afraid to speak what's on her mind. Thank goodness we all like someone different from the band otherwise things would have turned ugly.

But as for me, I am the oldest of the group but also the shortest, making me look like the youngest. I have soft, straight, smooth hair as black as night that falls down to just below my shoulders. I am very shy when it comes to meeting new people and I am not very confident so I sometimes feel insecure. So when Zack, now my boyfriend, first asked me out my friends refused to let me turn him down. He is a handsome, strong guy with dirty blonde hair. He looks as if he could be a model and most girls will fall head over heels for him. Now you see why my friends wanted me to go out with him. But usually these types of guys are players who get together with many girls. You could say that I am happy with Zack but I don't know if I truly love him or trust him yet.


A.N.: Hey, my name is Samantha and this is my first fanfic. Sorry if the first chapter is really slow and boring, I had to set up the story; characters, setting, etc. I promise you it will pick up in the next few chapters. I hope you will like my story. Thanks. And please leave comments and tell me what you think. :))

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