True Love

The last part of my trilogy. Mekayla loses her memory. Will she get it back? Will Niall and Mekayla last? Will Liam and Jackie last? Find out in this story.


1. Just a Dream

Liam's POV

When I woke up Jackie was sleeping on my chest. THANK GOD! I tried to move without waking Jackie up. But I did. She streched he arms and legs. I said "Sorry." She said "It's okay." I asked "Hungry?" She said "OF COURSE!" I laughed. Mekayla started to squim and woke up. Jackie said "Mekayla!" Mekayla said "Who is Mekayla? Who are any of you?" Jackie ran out in tears. Is my dream coming true? I ran after her. This time she didn't fall. I kept running and running. She was in track and field. She was the fastest kid. She told me last night. I kept running after her. I got tired and stopped I looked at my phone Niall is calling me. I answered, he sounded like he was crying.

"Hey where are you?" I said "I am running after Jackie she was talking to Mekayla and she said who are you?" Niall said "Go get her!" I laughed and said "I am!!" He said "Bye." I said "Bye." I started to run. I saw papparazi surrounding a girl. I ran and screamed "JACKIE!!" She looked up and all the paps looked at me and took pictures. I ran through them and put my arm around Jackie. I don't care if they knew. It looked like Jackie didn't either. Jackie just looked at me with her beautiful coco eyes. The paps just followed us up to the hospital. Right before we walked inside I grabbed Jackie pulled her in close and kissed her. Hopfully the paps got a good pic of that!

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