Imagine's 1D

Basically the title is the answer.

Leave a comment of your name, age, boy you like, and what u look like. Can be real or made up.

You will then get a chapter about you and that boy if that makes sense.

Sorry if I don't do all of them but I will try.

Please comment and have a go :)


2. OfficialLeniMarleni

OfficialLeniMarleni Gabriela Rodriguez.Long curly brown hair.eyes same color.17 almost 18. Four more months until high school ends.and I would like Louis plz!

You are walking home from school, you only have four months left, go you. You are nearly at home when a car comes out of no where and neary hits you, what the hell you thought.

Your sitting there on the side of the road, as the shock if the car made you fall, when a very cute boy gets out, it's Louis freakin Tomlinson.

"Hi, are you ok" he says.

You don't know how to respond, you just nod while staring.

He takes your hand, lifts you up and leads you towards a bench.

"I'm so sorry for what just happened, it was an accident" he says worriedly.

You finally gather your words. "It's ok, atleast you didn't actually hit me" you say.

"What's your name?" He asks.

"Gabriela" you answer.

"Well Gabriela, Let me make it up to you, put your number in my phone and I will pick you up at 6pm, I'm taking you out" he says handing you his phone.

Your blushing red as scarlet, and smiling so big it could make the world expand.

He stands up, but before he leaves, places a soft, but warm kiss on your cheek.

"See you later beautiful" he says, before getting back in the car and driving off.

What just happened? You nearly got ran over today and you couldn't be happier.

Louis's POV:

This girl was so beautiful, she had luscious brown hair, with curls that complimented her face so well. Oh, and her eyes, they made me wanna melt just by looking at them. This could be the start of something amazing.
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