Pixie Dust, and Mermaid Water

When Colleen a little 8 year old goes on a walk alone in the woods she finds a little pond, She has never seen the pond. She desides to take a dip in it, when she finds a little hole in the ground thats shining. The next day She comes back with correct equipment and digs down in the hole, She goess through the hole and finds a whole other world. Just what she doesnt know.... Is that shes in a coma....
Will she make it through? Or live in the magical world forever?


1. The Woods

I got out of school and headed for home, I ran to my house and through my book bag on the steps and ran for the woods, Today i was going through the woods!

When i got to the middle of the woods i saw sparkling water a little further down, I ran down the hill and landed by the water. I dipped my hands in it and drank.

"How about a dip?" i ask no one. I stripped my shirt off and shorts. I walk in its freezing cold. I go under and see a little glowing light, There was a hole. I stuck my finger through it and the light stopped shining. I pulled my finger out and got out, I put my clothes back on and walked back towards the house.

Later that night i got out my book, I'm reading about Fairies. Some Fairies are dark and powerful, Some are nice and relaxing.

I walked downstairs to the basement looking for goggles and a shovel, I wanted to find out what the light was coming from. I found my shovel and finally found the goggles.

Tomorrow im digging in the hole!

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