They Don't Know You [Niall Horan]

"We accept the love we think we deserve," But that's the thing, what if I don't deserve it? What if the only reason the idea to leave was put in his head in the first place, was because I didn't deserve him. I swear, I would do everything in my power, to be the only one that deserves him.


2. Pardon Me.

"I'm a wreck and I know it,   

And I tend to show it every chance that I get.

Butterflies in the skies, they just fly on by.
Yeah they're making me sick.
They don't flutter about, I'd do without.
All they do is kick."



I pulled the fabric from the drawer, bringing it over to the table my boss, Adrianna, would be working at. I set it down, and walked back to my own desk, sitting down, and staring at the vacant computer screen. I began to drum my fingers on my oak desk, and I checked the time. Four fifty six. I still had an hour and four minutes until I could book it home.

It was quiet, all you could hear was the sound of people passing each other in the halls, or someone dropping something accidentally. Although that never happens here.

"Dawson!" Adrianna's voice was loud, echoing through the hallways. My gaze went from my computer screen to her in an instant. I sat up straight, worried that she would snap about my posture once again.

"Yes, miss Adrianna?" I asked, watching her come closer.

"You can go home now, and as for next week, you can have it off as you requested," She began, her facial features almost softening when she spoke, "I'm going on a vacation and I won't need you here," She finished. It was the nicest I had seen her during my internship. It was... Different. But I knew she wouldn't keep it up.

"Thank you, ma'am," I replied, and she nodded stiffly, before disappearing behind the door to her office. I bit my lip to keep from smiling to widely, and jumping up and down. I didn't really need the week off, but it was nice, and I was going to take it.

I had only requested it because that was what Clarissa had suggested. She said it would be a good idea, and that she was going to ask for the same thing. I just hoped she got the week of to, because being home alone the whole time could turn into a bother.

I quickly picked up my bag, and a folder I would need to work on, before hurrying out through the halls.

I could hear people muttering about how it was unfair that I got a vacation and they didn't, about how they had been working there longer, and they deserved it more than I did. I just rolled my eyes. If they wanted it that badly they would have asked by now. Adrianna wasn't that unapproachable, even I knew that.

I headed down the elevator, pulling my hair out of its bun as I waited. I fluffed my curls slightly as the door slid open. I walked into the lobby to see Clarissa was there, looking down at her watch. I grinned, knowing she probably got the week off, and walked over to her.

She looked up, and smiled, seeing me coming.

"Did you get the week off?" She asked, and I nodded rapidly.

"Yeah, did you?" I asked, and her smile grew wider as she nodded.

"I did," She replied, and I sighed in relief.

"Thank God, now, let's got get a celebratory cup of whatever we want from Starbucks before heading home," I suggested, and she chuckled at my choice of words, nodding in response.

"Right, let's go," She grinned, and we walked out of the building.

It was a warm summer day, and Starbucks was only two blocks away so it was an easy walk, and we were there in no time. Clarissa held the door open, and I thanked her before stepping inside. I walked up to the counter, and order for the both of us, knowing already what she was going to order.

I paid before Clarissa could argue, and she frowned at me, but took her drink anyway.

"I could've paid, you know," She protested, and I simply shrugged.

"Too late," I giggled, and she rolled her eyes, before hailing a cab. It pulled over, and we hoped in, Clarissa telling the driver the address of our flat. He nodded, and then began driving down the rode once again, this time with us sitting in the car.

When we got back home I let Clarissa pay for the ride, but only because I had paid for the drinks.

We walked into our building, and took the stairs up to the floor our flat was on. I handed Clarissa my drink, and unlocked the door as she spoke.

"I have someone coming tomorrow that I want to introduce you to," She said, and I looked back at her. The smile on her face was almost wicked, and I had a feeling she was going to try and set me up with someone again.

Last time it didn't go well.

"Uh, what's their name?" I asked cautiously, swinging the door open, and taking back my coffee.

Clarissa's kitten Ash came up to us, and rubbed against her leg. I thought her cat was adorable, she brought a bit more to our small apartment, made it to be more of a home, in my eyes. I smiled down at her as she came over to me, and rubbed behind her ears, before closing the door behind me.

"It's not really important," She waved it off, and walked into our small kitchen. I raised my eyebrow, but let it be, knowing I wasn't about to get any information from her about him anyway.

"Alright, when's he coming tomorrow?" I asked, and she looked up from the magazine she had started reading.

"We're meeting him at the park at one, and going for a bit of a late lunch afterwards," Clarissa said, and I nodded, going over to the fridge. I pulled out the bowl of green grapes and set it on the counter.

"Alright, tomorrow I'll go meet your friend," I sighed, before picking up a grape. Clarissa smiled, content, and leaned over to pick up Ash.

"I'll be in my room then, call me when you're going to order dinner," She said, beginning to walk down the hall.

I crinkled my eyebrows.

"Order dinner?" I asked, slightly confused, picking up the magazine she had left out, and putting it with the other ones we had in a pile.

"Yeah, let's get chinese," She said simply, before disappearing into her room. I chuckled, and sat at the counter, continuing to eat my grapes.


I got changed into sweat pants and a tank top, and went back to grab my grapes. I took the bowl over to the small living room, and sat down on the sofa, picking up the remote for the television set. I began to flip through channels, looking for something I might usually watch, but not finding too much.

Then I stopped.

There was a picture of Niall. My Niall. And the caption said "One Direction Coming Back to London".

I frowned.

If he was coming back, I was going to steer clear of him.



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