Just call me angel

Amelia has lived a life as a fine and beautiful young lady, she attends balls and acts the way she should, or else. No-one really knows about her father or how he beats her to near death for reasons that escape her knowledge. Her life feels empty, until one night a dark stranger appears and ignites a passion Amelia never even knew she was capable of. Will she break the mental chains her father has imprisoned her with, or will she forever be locked away, in a world where angels exist only on stories.


2. Kiss

Here I was again, another ball another place where I had to hide my pain. Sometimes I thought the whole world was exactly that, a place in which I had to hide myself.  I thought of that stranger all through the night, as I danced with most of the men in the room until only the elderly were left and my father usually saw no reason to make me dance with them. I was begging to walk down a dimly lit road again when I noticed a shadow moving, I moved slowly away from the shadow until the outline of a man showed itself and began heading towards me. I turned and ran as fast as I could. Whoever was chasing me was right behind me and I had no escape, I continued to run but I would't be able to do it all night. Soon enough I found a dark ally to turn into, it might have quickened my death but at least my death would be less public, I would be able to die without people staring and listening to my screams. Hands landed on my waist and I opened my mouth to scream, I would have screamed had a hand not trapped my yells and sobs inside.

"Shh, little one, no need to fear me." A voice whispered in my ear, I stopped struggling and excepted what was to come next. Death was easy, natural even, if God had meant this for me I would not refuse it. The man turned me around till we were face to chest, he was a tall man and I had to lift my head to see into his face. I gasped as I looked into his piercing blue eyes. He was the man I had been hiding from at the last ball, oh no.

"What do you want from me?" I asked, my voice quivering in fear. I just wanted this over with, please don't let him draw it out. I was shaking and I knew it, I didn't care. 

"Just this." He said and then his lips were on mine, soft and gentle. I leaned into him without even thinking, his arms wrapped around me with a gentleness I had never known before. Right then I didn't mind if this dark, sexy stranger killed me as long as he didn't stop kissing me. When he let go I felt empty and reached for his again, he restrained me but leant forward to whisper in me ear.

"I look forward until the next time I meet you, little one." He whispered sweetly, and just like that he was gone. leaving me alive, and filled with desire.

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