Another World (1D)

This fanfiction is about a girl who grows up with Harry Styles and the other boys of one direction. They aren't a band yet and they're just normal people...for now.


1. When it All Started


“Hey” I get a new text from an old friend, Emma. “I quickly text back, “Hey, how’s it going? Are you and Harry dating yet?” Before I went to sleep away camp, her and Harry seemed to be hitting it off. He really liked her and she thought she liked him. I secretly really liked Harry but I didn’t tell anybody because in my town secrets spread like a wildfire, and once they were out, there was no way to escape them.

 “The opposite. :/” She replied. Huh? What was that supposed to mean, and what happened? “What do you mean?” I texted back, completely confused. “Why don’t you ask HIM? I have to go…bye” Um…okay something about that seemed a little off but I didn’t question it. Inside my mind I thought that Emma hurt him, but that couldn’t be true, could it? If Emma hurt him, then he would be a mess and that would end everything. I prayed she didn’t.

 “Hey, can I ask you something?” I texted him, hoping he would text me back. “Hey, sure.” I got an answer within 30 seconds. I was really happy about that. “It’s about Emma, what happened?” This one took a little longer. “She lied when she told me she loved me. She lied. She tried to tell me all this stuff about Liam not loving her and being a horrible person to her but I really didn’t want to hear it, it really hurt me.” Oh my god, she did hurt him. And now he was going to hate me because I told him she loved him. Thanks, Emma.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. You really didn’t deserve that, and I’m so sorry she did that, I mean, what the hell she ruined her chances with you, you’ve got to be really stupid to do that! And, hey, you’re an amazing guy and you did nothing to her so just let her be mean because honestly you’re everything a girl wants.” I texted him hoping he’d be happy. I mean, all of that came from my heart. “Thanks…she told me that. She said ‘you’re everything a girl wants and you’re all mine:)’ but I know you mean it and she didn’t.”

“Do you hate me now because I told you she loved you?” I asked. “Of course not! I could never hate you.” “Thanks, that means a lot :)”. “Hey, I have to go but text me later.” He said. I was really happy he didn’t hate me, but I was upset he had to go. Talking to him was really nice and it made my day every time I did. I talked to him all night that night about everything.



The next day…

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