recounting the nights

partying nonstop for 24 hours has a price, but Audrey, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall still cant figure out what they did, Audrey and Niall have a pretty good idea what they did that night, well at least one thing they did...


1. what have we done?

I rolled over and opened my eyes, damn curtans, letting sunlight through. i got up and closed them, half asleep and really cold. i crawled back into bed, with a massive headache. then i realised... someone was in the bed with me! he rolled over and opened his eyes. we both gazed at eachother, and leaped outta bed. i looked at him and he looked at me, i realised i was naked, and so was he! I looked around and saw empty cans of pints all over the floor, with Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn still asleep, wearing tight onesies,i looked over at nial, drowned in guilt of what he had done to me so i quickly grabbed my bra and undies and ran out of the room. at that moment, i wanted to know what the hell happened last night...

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