Forever and Always

Scarlett Horan. The name that makes niall burst into tears. Who is she? She is Nialls twin sister. She has leukaemia. When she was only 8 she died and crushed Nialls heart, she only died for 1 hour, but that 1 hour was Niall Horan's living hell. But what happens when the world finds out about Scarlett and her condition? What happens if she dies again? But this time.............For good!


2. Scarlett Horan

Hiiiiiiii my name is Scarlett Horan. I'm Niall Horans sister. I love him so much he is the best brother ever! Anyways I look exactly like niall so look at niall and think of him as a girl with long hair and there you have me :D me and niall are extremely close. I don't know where I would be without him. Can you keep a secret promise you won't tell well when I go to school I wear a wig and put on this stuff that makes me look fat and all this make up that makes me look gross. It's just I don't want people to recognize me and use me to get niall. Another secret is I cut yeah yeah don't judge me and DON'T tell niall. Why do I do it? Well it's complicated it's just all that bullying builds up and stress because I live with another family because niall is always on your and no one can know about me and the stress there because they are always shouting and their son who is adopted has mental disorders so its really hard. But it's nice because they feat me like their own daughter :)any way my leukemia has gone that's what the doctors said so I don't have to get treated anymore. Well anyways I have like 4 friends at school. Their names are Harli Cai hayley and Elena they are amazing and love me for me they don't know my secrets lts keep it that way. My name at school is Katherine Williams. anyway I have to got to school wish me luck Love Forever and Always Scarlett
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