1D and a sixth member

Their are 5 One Direction members but when a person walks through the door what do 1D think about him.
Are they in surprise or in shock


1. Start of 2010

One cold winters day One Direction had a concert to go to.
They went on the stage and a person from the crowd was shouting add me I love you I despritly want to be your sixth member.
One Dirextion were not to happy with that so they went home after their concert and thought about a sixth member Louis said,
" I don't want a sixth member it is going to been way to hard. Plus less parts to sing."
Zayn disagreed and he said to louis,
" It would be great to more people. We could just make everyone's lines shorter for the new member."
Louis hated that idea and said to Zayn,
"I am the leader of the group so I should choose who and who shouldn't join."
All the other members said to Zayn,
" Louis is the leader of the group so he should choose who is our sixth member scene he is the leader."
Louis said,
" Thankyou to the other members and said to Zayn thanks for your advice."
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