The School

This is a twisted tale written in 1st person about a girl's personal experiences. This isn't actually tue obviously.


1. A new pupil

My name is Victoria Jones and I used attend Grim Boarding school, it has been five and half months(of 3 physiatrists a week) since last year’s horrific events, but I still remember every detail clearly, let’s just say..... It’s time. Time for me, to finally face up to what happened. Now, let’s go back in time to a mild October morning.

“Vicky! Vicky!” shouted my best friend, charging towards me,

“We’ve got to get to the great hall quick to see her” I blinked,

“See who? I asked, puzzled

“Don’t you know?” she asked, her eyebrows raised, I shook my head. “There’s a new pupil”

“Oh...... Well let’s go then, coming?” I asked. She nodded vigorously. I linked her arm through mine and we went down to the great hall. Bang! Went the hall doors as Elsie (my best friend) threw open the doors. Laughter and chatter filled the hall, despite our uninviting name; Grim Boarding school is a rather happy place. We sat down on the bench in our usual places.

“When is she coming?” I whispered to Elsie.

“In five minutes” she replied. I kept my eyes glued to the huge hall door, occasionally spilling juice or oatmeal down a blazer or skirt, (Matron is going to have her work cut out this week). After what seemed five Years, a prim, doll-like girl walked through our doors, changing our lives forever.

“Welcome to the grand hall” exclaimed Miss Shore. The new pupil wasn’t paying much attention. Not surprised. Anyway, back to our new pupil. Her eyes were distant and dreamy, her long curling lashes outlining her sea-blue eyes, her jet black hair tied into tiny plaits, her skin milk-bottle white and her clothes? They were rather.... different to what we expected. A white starched pinafore over a shin-length black smock all rounded off with coal black lace-up boots. She looked old-fashioned, but she was anything, but old.

The entire hall was speechless and solemn, that’s saying something with three hundred and seventy eight boys and girls. The silence was broken, sadly by my dropping of a spoon. The crash echoed around the hall, I quickly grabbed Andy Cooper’s spoon then looked at the floor innocently. It was good until Elsie tried to stifle a giggle unsuccessfully. Swiftly, the laughter spread until the entire hall had huge melon smiles on their faces. Amidst all the laughter, the new pupil sat down at the very end of the table.

I studied her carefully, her eyes were distant and dreamy, her face blank and expressionless, her posture straight as a ruler. Something about her made me uneasy and sent warning signals to my mind.

Lessons were much more interesting with the new arrival-we later found out her name was Marianne- had been sent to the headmistress’s office numerous times. It turns out she was mute, well, she had no medical condition; she chose not to speak. During lessons, she would read, write, but never talk. I think Mrs Clarkson must have got rather tired with her weekly sessions with mute Marianne. Anyway, lessons were difficult and infuriating, but we got used to it. Break and lunchtimes were the hardest; Marianne was teased and bullied in the playground. All the other boys and girls would tease her, flick her plaits, sneer at her, and shove her like she was nothing. I wanted to stick up for her, however my mind was not at ease about her and I kept silent and still. Then something happened Marianne was frequently missing, in the playground. No one would’ve had seen her, when lessons were over she would disappear into thin air. Something was amiss and her disappearing act was just the beginning......



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