It was just a text

This is a short ghost story that is great to say at sleepovers and late parties.


1. Late night Texts

It was 11:55 and Clare Bass sat at her desk doing boring old homework. Her parents were out and she was alone. She was just working out an equivelent fraction when she recieved a text:

'I'm up your street'

Clare was puzzled, but just thought it's probably one of my mates playing a trick. She carried on writing. Then her phone buzzed; another text:

'I'm outside your house"

Clare's heart thumped faster, however, she left it. It's jsut a text she thought. But her phone went again. another text:

'I'm coming into your house' she heard the big creak of her front door opening. Just the wind she thought. Even thought the her heart rate was telling her otherwise. You see, that's what people do. Rationolize their fears. Then again. A text:

'I'm coming up your stairs'

The steady beat of footsteps on the wooden steps echoed around the stairs The footsteps quickening towards her door "NO!" Screamed Clare as she flew to the door It was too late..... Her scream echoed around the house, then coming to an abrupt halt. The chimes of midnight bounced around the walls of the empty house.


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